March 23, 2009

Aye Saar!! I waan a Laatery yet again!!

Sandeep Sir was rolling on the floor and was moving back and forth as he was teaching the snake dance to Kings,Mona,Neha,Prats,Illashree and Chirag as they failed to attend the previous lecture on the snake dance.Meanwhile Arjun, an expert snake dancer and a loyal student of Sandeep Sir enters the class and interrupts Sandeep Sir once again.

Arjun: Saar,I won a lottery yet again.
Sandeep:Huh!! and how much Rupees this time?
Arjun:5000Rs Saar! and I wish to give you a share.
*Sandeep Sir voraciously look s at his student Arjun as he removed the money from his pocket.
Arjun: Saar!Take this money .
Sandeep:What is this son?You give me a share of just 10 Rs,you fool?
Arjun: Saar,with the remaining amount from your share,I took your girlfriend for a date,Saar ;-)

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  1. hehehe..
    I forgot to ask her name.... can i know?? ;)

    Ste beta..!! Look out.... I'll drop a bomb everyday on u... hehe.... look out beta...

  2. oyeeeeeeeeeeeee why am i not learning snake dance? :( i am on merit scholarship remember :(

  3. snake dance is only for small children like us Kajal.... :P

  4. naaaaaaaaaaaaaa for me too :(

  5. ha ha ... poor saar ;)

  6. hawwww...
    Saar ke saath DOKHA..;P

    Good one..

  7. gurudakhshina me kya diya re tune ste....:D :D:P


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