March 23, 2009

WL Cricket Quiz:-2

hello friends sorry i am late for this week's quiz. yesterday iam out of station so iam unable to put the quiz.

first of all let's start with the last week quiz answers and the winners.

1.who was the only bowler who have taken a hat-trick in the first 3 balls of ODI?

answer:-chaminda vass.

2.'dizzy' is the nickname of which Australian player?


3.which bowlers developed the 'fast leg theory ' in cricket?

answer:-harold larwood and bill voce.

4.which pad sachin tendulkar wear first?

answer:-left pad.

5.gibbs hit 6 sixes in WC-07 on the bowling of which bowler?

answer:-DLS van bunge from Netherlands

6.identify this ground

answer:-MCG Australia

7.identify this player from India?
answer:-amar singh.

now the winners are:-
1.Nandhini Reddy.
2.Vinay R(Leo)

i got only 3 entries for this quiz is questions are tuf?
members participate in this quiz ,this quiz is about the cricket and which is a religion in India.
i thought i will get entries from nearly all members.
hoping that i will get more entries now for the next quiz.

now the questions for the this week's quiz.

1.which cricketer was the first Indian to score a century in ODI?

2.who holds the record for scoring the most runs in Test Cricket without scoring a century?

3.Longest test inning by time?tell the players name.time and country?

4.which cricketer had bat sponsorship at the age of 12?

5.identify this player

you had to mail your answers at my mail id(

mail your answers till 28th march 8.00PM.

now the badge for the winners is:-


  1. MCG looks real pretty ... one of the best grounds ever !

    I personally love MCG more than the Lords ..

    That was really a nice read !!
    Cheers !

  2. all de best winners and the ones attempting this time too ;)

  3. the badge is kewl!! :) aye aye quizmaster :)

  4. Hmmmm ... did not know all the answers last time... this time, it was far easier ... thanks ...

    I sent you the mail Chirag, hope you got it ...

  5. awwww..
    My cricket knowledge is sooo pooor...:(

  6. Good one...
    I liked the badge too....
    It inspired me to send a entry to the contest..... :P


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