March 20, 2009

Announcements !!!

Dear Members,

It feels good to read the various posts of different styles and genres in our Lounge.When we created the Lounge ,we had some set some tasks and goals to be achieved.Writers Lounge is now 8 months old and today we have more than 70 members who are talented with great writing skills.Obviously,from this we see that we are growing at a very high speed. We request all members to support us in all the various activities that we do.Its you people who play a vital role in community maintainance although admins/moderators do it on behalf of you.We have 3 admins (Sandeep,Asbah and Ste)and 4 moderators(Leo,Kajal,Rash and Priyanka).If you have any complaint against any member or against any admins /moderators,you are free to contact us.Add us on your gtalk .Our email id is
We officially welcome all the new members who have joined WL recently.We request you to read the Lounge rules before posting anything.Through this post ,We are going to talk about the various upcoming activities and the issues.

Member of Month poll is exclusively meant for Writers Lounge Members and not for any outsiders.We only expect Lounge members to vote for their fellow loungers.So,outsiders refrain from voting for Lounge members.We know all our members and if we find that any outsider has voted for anyone in the MoM polls,the vote would not be counted and the person will not be considered for future MoM.We don't want to reveal the persons name.

Do take part in the various quizzes that are held in the Lounge."The Movie Quiz" by Bhargav and "The Cricket Quiz" by Chirag are weekly posted on every Wednesday's and Sunday's respectively.

We want your feedbacks about the Interview series.Last week we interviewed Prats and it was a great opportunity for all of us to know more about our very own Prats.This Monday we will interview Asbah Alaena who is one of the founder of the Writers Lounge.
Asbah will be interviewed on Saturday/Sunday at 10 pm.She is requested to be online at the mentioned time.
If you have any questions for the interviewee ,then please mail it to the admin id.We would consider it during the interview and your name will be mentioned along with that question.
The New contest will start from the last week of March.

The Writers Lounge Admin


  1. Nice to hear from the admins :)

    Interview series is really enlightening, getting to know much more about our family members in lighter veins, its like reading t20.. :P

    Lounge looks gr8 with its share of quizes and series. But as of now the screen is so cluttered with images and texts all around.

    Look forward to a seperate link, where in, the details about the various members are present, a basic profile or about me would suffice.

    There also should be some safety or privacy policy or something like that, this in order so that our private data like email id's and phone numbers or whatever fall into outsiders hands, only generic data should be available in the web pages, or we can have our own callsigns or codenames { my alter ego john bond can help u if u want !}

    :) gr8 work admins and the mods, this place is buzzing with energy, all ur time and efforts are really helping it to be more stable, thanks for the good work :)

    keep it on ;)

  2. hey Kings.. cool comment and suggestions.. :)
    I have a lot of complaints against this Kajal (moderator)..

    makes note of the writer's lounge id

  3. I I sir :)

    @ kaj, hehe, she's spilling a lot of sweet here, i might get diabetic !

  4. Happy 8th month anniversary WL :D

    I agree with every word Kings said!


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