March 20, 2009

Black Heart

Greetings to everyone. I'm Ragpicker just another fool fell from the sky :) .
This is going to be my first post and I'm very glad to be the part of WL community.I have been reading the posts here for quite sometime now and I really appreciate the quality of the posts here. This place feels like a truckload of talents on fire every hour of the day :P.

Well I'll try to keep a fictional story going through transcripts of little conversations of a guy called Evan who faces blackouts frequently followed by some nonsense poetry. I hope you will enjoy it ! Forgive me if you find any retarded typos as I'm mostly on drugs all the time and I can barely see the screen.

Thanks and regards.

Silence : Evan , wake up ! Do you feel something now ?
Evan(gasping) : Yeah , I feel now .. I feel nothingness in everything .

Snatched up smiles from burned up and smoldering lips
Inside the voice these words just unwillingly slips
Weaving a whirlwind of nomadic faith that flips
Gripping in fear , this divine resonance equips

A sack full of dark nails of love gets dumped
Instead of blood, a perpetual pain gets pumped
Principles of uncertainty has found a certain solace
Inside a cardiac absolution every breathe is numbed

Mid-summer ventures through a drought unseen
Another desire becomes another thoughtless sin
A blackhole in making , a center stripped of remorse
Like the blind eye of a tornado eroding a cosmic theme

Deceptive icons residing in arteries of infallible rectitude
Blinded to this blackhole , ego is the visible solitude
But strangely a moment awaits deep inside the veins
Smoking life to this center , once that was deeply chewed

A chase for the same whirlwind, creates a radius of this center
The deep incisions of reality that sparks the suffering's inventor
Silver illusions of what was once felt like a doorway to hope
Is now locked up inside by the ashes of extreme surrender

Constricted by the wait, it wears the scars of innocence
it wears the cold memories , it wears the candid absence
Convulsion of infinite tears deepens the blackhole now
Provoking a misplaced foe that searches for a conscience

Subdued by conviction, when it needed a console
The artifacts of the center , this is pain on a payroll
The radius and the eye are the artists of such canvas
Sketching my heart black , blacker than the charcoal


  1. Rag
    The write was superlative in multitudes.
    The effortless flow kept me hooked.
    Keep 'em coming.
    Glad to be your reader.

  2. Glad to find some one who cann write black poetry so effortlessly !! This was amazing :) Write on :)

  3. dark poem and yeah welcome to Writers Lounge......

    few days ago i read ur comment on a post of mine on TSW.....was really good readin it...heartfelt and yeah this poem is brilliant......

    welcome broooo

  4. Are you a opeth fan? Loved your words,it was smokin' buddy..


  5. I agree with Hashan! Any connections wid Opeth? :P
    luvd da poem man! Waitin 4 more! :)

  6. @nan & pretty : Thanks for your kind and genuine feedback.I appreciate your patient reading , infact I wasnt really sure if people over here would have a thing for black poetry :) ...thanks again

    @ Hashan & Maverick : Well I'm not really that much of a Opeth fan but I do like some of their tracks very much like Hope Leaves, Blackwater Park & Death Whispered a Lullbay. .
    I'm more into Cryptopsy,Cannibal Corpose, Dying Fetus , Suffocation, Borgir , CoF , Kalmah and anything that rapes the ears of a shitney spears lover

    /m\ \m/

  7. Wow... I love your work Ragpicker! And I have posted that on your blog too! It is effortless, superlative, meaningful and definitely DARK

  8. every line is bloody brilliant!!!

    and since the poem ends on one of my favorite words on earth, you have my heart already !!

    keep coming!!

  9. ps. utterly mesmerizing!

  10. @ashrita . I really liked your feedback on my blog .. I have replied you there and please do check the recent work on child molestation. Thanks x 1000000 :)

    @ .a. -- that last word is one of my fav words in the dictionary ..same pinch :P ...thanks again !


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