February 17, 2009

Zara zara!

Mujhe yaad hai ab bhi zara zara,
Tera husn dhata qayamatain,
Wo roop tera atisheen,
Har aan teri ahatain,
Na main bhool saka kuch zara,
Mujhe yaad hai sab zara zara,
Wo Khuda ki tujh pe nematain,
To sarapa jaise rehmatain,
Mera behkna or teri muzhamatain,
Nama main daman apna bacha saka,
Na tujh se he door ja saka,
Na main bhool saka kuch zara,
Mujhe yaad hai han!
Sab zara zara!

Atisheen = آتشیں = Ignescent

Muzhamatain = مزحمتیں = resist


  1. arrey waaaaah..i could probably sing.. :)

  2. Firstly loved the pic...it's beautiful and relevant :)
    Now bout the poem..wow...awesome..
    visit this website u will love it..try getting into their blog too


  3. you write so good insyia! MashaAllah!

    the poem is rythemic with all its tones absorbing the beauty of every word.
    and the picture! its a delicate and sentimental piece of thoughts.
    keep writing ,i would love reading you ...
    stay blessed!

  4. reminds me of, muje yaad hay kuch zara zara tumhain yaad ho ke na yaad ho!

    Khobsorat :)

  5. ANI
    Thank you dear!

    Shukriya dear!

    Ahem ahem wht to say? just hav one thing *Hugs*


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