February 12, 2009


Allow me once
oh u please
to take u back,
where we started,
And then ride you here,
So that we both can see,
Who was wrong,
Who was so wrong that we are aparted,
From those around I hear a cry,
And in me it so dry
I want to tell you everything,
But i feel dumb,
I know its painful,
Just i cant feel,
The pain is in your heart,
Is visible through your eyes,
I can see but cant just feel,
As i no longer am alive,
Although i breath, eat and listen,
But i cant speak,
My ideology is changed,
And so is me,
I am so quite and the silence is in me,
No longer i wish to be free,
I hope for death,
As I seek for sleep,
As nothing is left,
For me to see,
But before i leave,
I wish to cry,
Holding you tight,
I wish to die!


P.s(I know this is not a very fine piece of mine while reading i know you will come accross of alot of mistakes for whic i am sorry by my heart!)


  1. Death will come
    in its own time
    but, by then
    I will not have a life
    which I can tell to be mine!

    A cry - a nice cry mate! I could hear you shedding tears - those are so heavy, so sad!

    A few things I wanted to point out - but after the disclaimer below - just forget it! Who cares!!

  2. Awww!! Felt so sad on reading it.. I hope you felt better after penning it down!

  3. TAN
    Thanks dearie for understanding..

    I wish gal...

  4. Thngs frm the heart r not meant to be corrected sweethrt..they just need to be felt..

    Sad yet very touchy..Reflects sm sort of pain u mght be goin thru but penning down always helps i guess..
    So i hope u r relieved..

  5. so that was what i was refering to in my last comment :)

    I so loved this one i re read and re read it :)


    what a way to describe :)

  6. loved it before and now too !!

  7. But before i leave,
    I wish to cry,
    Holding you tight,
    I wish to die!

    it was so painful and lovely.. :(


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