February 19, 2009

What If I'm Not Around Anymore?

What if I’m not around anymore?
Will the mornings seem incomplete?
Will you miss my essence when you awaken?
Will the dew feel like needles on your feet?

What if I’m not around anymore?
Will an hour feel, like one whole day?
Will your heart pine, to hear my own?
Will you look for me when I’ve gone away?

What if I’m not around anymore?
Will you wish you were by my side?
Will your eyes search for mine again?
Will your thoughts want my heart to confide?

What if I’m not around anymore?
Will your lips yearn for mine to be near?
Will you feel lost without me to guide?
Will your laughter then be a tear?

What if I’m not around anymore?
Will the blue sky feel darkened to you?
Will you, a star, look for me, the moon?
Or Will you find another star anew?

Image: Purple Couple by Sabri Andi 


  1. well, commented already on this one!

    the last two lines are superb!

  2. Good One Vinay ... the pic is so gooooooooooddddddd..........

  3. Vinu, i read the draft of this one... didnt I tell you its magic... look's like Vinu's come back poem... plssss bring more poetry.. :D and the pic looks good! they DON'T look like they are celebrating their honeymoon on jupiter...!! :p

  4. hey leo!! splendid work.hmm..it shows possessiveness of a lover. the longing to spend more time with ur beloved,the feeling of insecurity,n the fear of losing one's love later in life r soo nicely depicted.. u amaze me with such poetry!! its like a magic of words flowing from ur heart...


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