February 20, 2009

The chronicles of Greeting.

The whole evening of February 19th, 2009, we (Uzra & Asbah)  pondered over the eternal mystery of greetings. And in the  ordeal of Thinking, the less-common-trait-in-us, many questions  dared raising their heads in our minds. Wayward random questions like ;

1) What is Greeting?
2) How important it is to greet the other person in first  place?
2) What is the importance of sweetly greeting others? spicing  it with a smile ?
3) How about a prayer is offered as greeting?
4) why not rebelling from the usual "hey" or "hi" , “hello”  etc?

(In the confusion we forgot that we had repeated the question  no 2, twice and asked 5 questions instead of 4, have you  overlooked too ?? ;) lol! recheck)

We brainstormed with heads in hands, eyes on sky and gray  matterial consuming at the speed of light! and in the process  when the three hundred fifty seventh minute lapsed, a miracle  happened!

A vivid (Shocking-) Pink figure appeared to be reeling in air,  under the sky and above the ground. And even before we could  raise the slogan of “yayy Stepman!!! Superheroes ka baap", That  figure landed in his So-Very-Traditional-way-to-land, head down  and legs up!

It took him solid three minutes and forty five seconds to  figure out why the sky is beneath his feet and to decide which  way to stand (legs up or head !) and another bunch of four  minntes and 50 seconds to understand what we were saying (we  had to repeat each word thrice and each line twice to let him  engulf and assimilate the "dilemma") 

It was then, when he uttered a 'hi', (or was it 'Hello'??) we  realized what was consuming our thought-energy. Yes, Greetings. 

And while the realization was going on, he revealed the  'why-had-he-decended-down', because we were staring at him  asking for help (remember we've inculcated the habit of  thinking by looking up at the sky). We apologised by clearning  the fact that two of us were enough help for each other and  that we owed him gratitude. And the busy super-hero flew off to  find other needers of help :P

and we got back to the thought, generally we greet with a "hey"  or "hi" which if translated in hindi or Urdu would mean 'oyay'  or 'abay oo' very much unethical and inconvinient for a  traditional people like us

and we're so againt the idea of abusing friends just for the  sake of it, (we over heard a collegue accousting her best  friend as 'oh kameeni' (oh you moron), and we grieved!)

There is a very clear limit in between friends and enemies and  we believe that it should be honoured and preferred, and  treating both in a same way would prolly spoil the difference!

Lets be innovative and lets learn different ways of greeting  our best people, and that is obviously, with love.

Afrikaans: Goeie More = Hello

Arabic: Marhaba = Hello

Malaysia: Selamat Datang = Welcome

Chinese: Ni Hao! = Hello

Farsi: Assalamualikum = May Peace be upon you!

French: Bonjour = Hello.

Greek: Geia sou = Hello

Irish: Dia duit = Hello

Japanese: Ohio = Hi

Latin: Salve = Hello

Nepali/Indian: Namaste = Hello

Pidgin English: Gude = Hello

Portuguese: Ola = Hi

Spanish: ¡Hola! = Hi 

Vietnamese: Chao = Hello

so, here it is now, tell us what do you all think about it,  because personally we dont like 'HELLo' you greeting someone  with a HELL? tsk! but then, thats strictly our opinion :)
PS. Thanks to StepMan for being help :D

wishes and prayers!

Think innovative,

because, An !dea can change a lounge ;)


  1. that was interesting..

    hehe i kind of prefer.. namaste n ola..

    but then most of the time i end up with hi.. or oiii.. :)

  2. Nice thought ... and interesting information too ...

    In Bangla: Nomoshkaar

    Try it sometimes ;)

  3. Malayalam: Namaskaram
    Tamil: Vanakkam

    wow islexxxxxxxx..that was a great post...think innovative..i agree...n my company would be more than happy to see our tagline being used here...ha ha ha...that was the perfect way of writing "!dea" islexxxxxx...kahaan dekha? cool!! *pat on the back*

  4. LOL... proves i keep my eyes open ;)

    i happened to see this !dea add at Nat Geo!

    wow I like the Namoskaar
    and also Vanakkam!!!!

    innovation :)

    and thanks :)

  5. oh woww..dat ws just an amazing post...!!
    i loved d StepMAN entry into such a post...wow..dat ws innovative too!! :D

    he revealed the 'why-had-he-decended-down', because we were staring at him asking for help (remember we've inculcated the habit of thinking by looking up at the sky)...lol.. :D

    awww..even i sometimes use kamini kamina etc for my dear frnds...but its all in love sense obviously...but ya..achha nhi hai...i need to refine my lang i guess! :P
    n abey oo etc is also so common! :P

    but yes..i do give respect to elders..n greet with namaste...n vo b hath jod ke...wow..so gud mannered! :P
    n it actually means "I bow to that (divinity) inherent in you."

    *wikipedia zindabad* :D

  6. nice one
    greeting is the inner feeling i thought so

    in my malawi it is


  7. to good !! i rarely say hello u moron kind words .. mstly its a "hello hello" on calls .. and one more accent wch my frnds say i put to hello for my DEAREST ppl s "h(eeee)lo" its kinda singing .. call me to hear it .. one of my frnd is fan of it i hear :D

  8. LOL pri :P i like it :D

    wiki zindabaad yeah!

    Thankyou Chiragh and nan for more information !

    * resolves to call prats someday :P to hear that grin and heeelo!*

  9. .a.

    What and !dea! :D great! theme was great!

  10. hmm thanks for writing ......

    tamil - vannakam
    punjabi - sastriakaal
    malyalam - namoskaram
    bengali- nomoskar
    kannada- hegidha

  11. haha... that put me into thinking mode... U r ryt... most times i too go on with senseless greetings really..!!
    Wat u said made sense... hehe

    I'll try to follow... ;)


    ur kannada is wrong :P

    kannada- namaskara

    telugu- namaskaramu


  12. assalamualaikum! :)
    this is what is common at our end!

    thanks pals for sharing and for giving an !dea a thought!!

    hope to find all of you with noble greeting words/style/mode in next meet up :)
    stay blessed!

  13. lol...I wanted to add some from my vocabulary too , but stibu, sandeep and Arjun stole my chance..

    p.s. I am an anti-oh-kaminee person!!

  14. aww Pink, try google, or wiki?


    PS. Walikumaslam Uzra!

    yes, thats the reply of the greeting :)

    and Arjun, thanks for pointing out ste's mistake ;)

  15. My way of greeting my friends...
    'HEY SEXY'...!!always makes them feel good..:D

    Stepmans entry was classic..Superheros ka baap!How about a father son movie ? :P:P j/k

    and rofl @ an idea can change the lounge..Sure nikki..an idea can change a lot of things :P



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