February 19, 2009

Her Love (SI3L)

Inspired by Pratibha's Story: His Love

HE told what he would never do, just to create hatred for himself in her and he succeeded. Her love for him could only hear his words but could not see the letter from the Embassy hidden in his back pocket. She slapped him, cried and ran away out of his sight; as he wished!


  1. I like your twist more! really!

    and wow at her, slapping and then going, and sad for him!

    as the distances between us grew!

  2. Thanks Pratibha ...

    Asbah, twists are what Life has given me - too much too late, of course ... But I like this way - live the way it comes to me and with every twists in life, I learn a gallon of it (Dont ask me why its gallon and not Kilo or Bagful!)


  3. interesting twist..

    so who planning to continue next.. or is the end.. :)

  4. Hey, its all yours Ani ... go ahead! We will love to hear from you too ... but remember, 3 lines!!!

  5. hnnm will give it a shot.. but no promises.. considering its 3 lines.. hehe am very bad with stories yaar..

    but definitly will wanna give a shot.. so yeh.. lets see.. :)

  6. And a nice sequel to prats di's write Tan ;)

  7. wow! tan.. so much of talent! loved the twist.. :)

  8. @ Ani

    Do try to write something now ... want to see you writing and posting here too ...

  9. @ Nan and Kajal

    Thanks for liking this ... three lines were too short ... but I loved it!!

    I'm a bit sad to see that not many has tried their hands on this ... it would be a good fun if tried ... seriously!!


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