February 1, 2009

A small step makes a difference

Herculean task it was, tangled in its knots.
Defeated was my soul and hopeless were my thoughts
Even a small step, seemed onerous all the more,
Depressed and gloomy, I went to the shore.

I saw many a starfish strewn across
Thousands washed ashore by the tide.
They fell prey to the hungry albatross,
Or died in the scorching sun.

A lad scooped up starfishes one by one
Tossed them gently into the wave
I thought futile was his silly attempt
How many could he possibly save?

I asked," what difference does one make?
When many will die in the sun?"
With a twinkle in his eye he quipped,
"Though small,it makes a difference to that one"

He kindled in me sparks of fire.
Struck a cord in me to inspire.
His golden words opened my eyes.
The message of the lad I did realise.

The journey might be endless.
But a small step, makes all the difference.
Water drops may seem powerless.
But river water can erode rocks so dense.

The tip of the little finger
can indeed move the mount Everest.
The wave might fall down
but with vigour, rises back to the crest.

The mountain might seem steep,
Slippery might be its peak,
With steps small and slow,
Start the journey now.
Difficulties might be felt,
But the pain will melt.
Tread slow and steady steps.
To reach the pinnacles of success.
To start a small step, don't think twice.
This, from the lad, I did realise.

Inspired from L.Eisley's ' The starfish thrower'
Word count:248


  1. Feel motivated :) , huge the struggle or opposition maybe ,but overcoming difficulties with small steps towards the goal, makes us a sure achiever.

    well writen

  2. this is one of my fav story.. thanks for making it more memorable for me :)

  3. lovely!!!!!!!!! inspiration indeed :)

  4. A strong write aparna
    But i feel it could ve been shorter :)

  5. It is so simple, at the same time so touching!

  6. i wondered where i have read about that, and your epilogue helped.

    awesome way, i like the rhyming and lyrical flow of this poem! wow!

  7. APARNA!

    i dont have words to describe but it means so much to me... blv me.. :P

  8. so powerful...n so motivating....too good aparna...take a bow!

  9. Things- big and small. Things- significant and insignificant. We never know how it might impact the other!

  10. Nice thought mate!! I really loved the thought put behind this poem and the action it inspires us to!!

    Struck a cord in me to inspire.
    May be it should be
    Struck a cHord in me to inspire.


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