February 1, 2009

Inspiration Poetry Contest Announcements .... imp***

We are glad to arrange this contest in out Lounge.This is the 2nd contest .As you know ,the first contest called "Rain drenched Lounge "was a big success .Our intention was the organise a poetry contest as we studied that there are more talented bunches of poets in our lounge all blessed with their own way of writing skills.This contest started from 24th January and will go on till 4th February.We are sorry for this short schedule for the contest.We have recieved 7 entries till now on our email .We want to inform that there are just 3 days left for the contest and all members are requested to post their entries as soon as possible to writers.in.lounge@gmail.com. After receieving the entries ,we will assign you a code number which will be displayed on the right sidebar of the lounge under the heading "Entry Number".We request the members to take note of their numbers.This will be needed for the "Readers choice".

About Judging.
Last contest ,we had Preethi Shenoy as a judge.This time we have a well know personality who is an author of few books and also a poetess.She has agreed to judge our contest.

Judging method.
Each poem send by you will be mailed to the judge by concealing the poets identity.The judge will read it and assess the poem on the basis of 8 parameters .Each poem will be rated out of 100.The parameters along with their maximum scores are given as follows.

1. Originality - 25 points
2. Inspiration - 10 points
3. Overall Impact - 10 points
4. Form and flow - 15 points
5. Depth - 10 points
6. Choice of words - 10 points
7. Message - 10 points
8. Comes from the Heart and Soul - 10 points

After getting the scores from the judge ,we will arrange the poems according to the score of each poem.The top 5 poems will get a badge.The Winner,1st runner up and the 2nd runner up will be decided upon it.

About Readers Choice.

After 4th Feb,we will start with the Readers Choice.

Here each member is allowed to mail his top 3 entries on the basis of his priorities.The member is not expected to mail his entry number .While doing this , members are supposed to write their entry number on subject along with text as "Readers choice"

eg. 4 Readers choice .

where 4 is the members own entry number. If the person posts his entry as his choice,then his vote will be considered invalid.The top will be given 10 marks,the 2nd will be given 9 marks and the 3rd choice of the member will be given 8 marks.

Like this the score for all poems will be calculated and the one with maximum score will be the winner of the "Readers Choice". Guess this is simple.

Entries are been received from the following members.The list is arranged as per their entry number.

3. Chirag
5. Ste
7.Kajal Singh

Remember that 4th February is the last date for sending entries.Please post your entries as soon as possible to writers.in.lounge@gmail.com.


  1. is it necessary to mail 3 entries for the reader's choice
    3 se kam nahi kar sakte kya
    and kya vo 3 entries lounge par posst hona bhi jaruri hai kya

    kyonki maine abhi keval 1 poem hi likhi hai and vo hi bheji hai

    plzz clear my doubts

  2. Hey good question chirag!!!!

    1? how do the readers/we know which poem has been sent as entries for the contest.

    2? And as you have asked, whether the three entries that has to be sent,can be anything from the lounge,can the three entries be multiple entries by the same author(other than reader himself)

    3? more questions

    i'm puzzled too!!

  3. 1. readers can know the entries for the contest, by looking at the top of the right sidebar, which is updated when the admin receive an entry by mail.

    2. readers are to vote for 3 entries, from the list, and since a contestant is allowed only one entry for the contest, that means 3 poems from 3 different people.

    ten marks for what u think is the best, nine for second best, and eight for the third best.

    u are not going to send the whole entries. for eg. you loved entry no 12 the best, 13 second best, 14 third best... just mail to us as

    1. entry 12
    2. entry 13
    3. entry 14

    we will tally marks as given by the readers to each entry, and highest marks wins the readers choice award. in the subject of the mail, mention your entry no. as indicated in the post...

  4. keep checking the right sidebar for the contest entry poem

    and note the entry number and select ur favourite 3 entries and mail it for readers choice......

    u will keep ur entry number as subject

    u will nt send ur entry number as top 3 best entry of contest

  5. thanks for reminding me of the last date,,, :)


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