February 2, 2009

My Guardian Angel!

My tears had almost dried and my heart become numb,
My heart still beats but I had become a statue,
I wanted to laugh, run, dance and be myself again,
But my pain was too much for me to allow,
He had given me love but taken a lot more,
But all that was left of me was a lifeless creature,
I wanted a miracle and she was that!

She touched me, consoled and raised me from my slumber,
I started smiling, loving and enjoying,
The pain still reigned but her love had lessen it,
She was around at all times I needed her,
She was around to listen, to heal and to love,
She was there to make me smile,
I wanted a miracle and she was that!

I started gaining life, I started gaining myself,
I started expressing, living, and I started being me,
I didn’t need anyone as long she was there,
She brought back my inner self back to me,
I started writing, dancing and living,
The pain had long vanished with the love undefined,
I wanted a miracle and she was that,
She was my Guardian Angel, my Best Friend- My Ashrita!


P.S. I love you a lot Ashrita....u r not just my guardian but my inspiration to start life anew...love you tons


  1. *Teary Eyed* Thank you so much Nabs :) You mean a lot to me.... I am speechless right now, I would have definitely spoken more otherwise...!

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  3. i am awestruck.. its so wonderful to see such nice friendships unfold ..

  4. thanks friends for liking it :-)

    and Ash u have no idea how much i love you...u have given me alot than u think ....Love you too much ...Muahz :-)

  5. Its very rare that we find friends who mean so much to us! Keep the find :)

  6. So heartfelt :) God bless your friendship :)


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