February 2, 2009

An ode inspired by traffic policeman

Like in day or night
with a never ending job
when we are up and warm,
in the road they stand
guiding all along

Withstanding the immense pollution
heat, cold and rain,
standing precariously on the road.
What job is it, exposing onself
to modern perils,that nature scorns.

Wary are we, how irritated we get
impatient,bustling with outbursts
at any given time
like in violent rage.

With selfish thoughts, we
wanting to be ahead all time.
Speeding down the lane
with scant regard  
on who's the other side.

It seems so selfless
of the one standing all time,
directing the heavy flow of traffic.
An err or two sometime's,
it's the job that's so demanding
taking the toll on the humane kind.

Isnt it prudent to think
and thank , the one so called
Traffic Policeman.

^dedicated to the Traffic police man


  1. I had already read this work in ur blog
    Nevertheless a pleasant second read kingsley :)

  2. @nan

    thank you nan... its just that...i was inspired to write this ode for the policeman,as u already know.....and no other better place to post about inspiration other than the lounge right now :)

  3. well said !! a worthy dedication :) reminds me of a very old write of mine about my building guard ..

  4. nice dedication to a traffic police inspector....woww....nice...wordings r apt :)

  5. hats off to Kingsley!! depp thought!!

  6. guess what? two days back i was driving and i passed through a traffic police and then all of a sudden i found myself wondering about it, about him, the tough schedule he is facing, the scorching sun and the rain - we also have women in traffic police dept. so wow! really amazing to stand up all the day and controlling trafic and honestly i wondered how often do we go to them and thank them? (remind me of Munna bhai - thank everyone philosophy!) we never do and still they do their best, and that too with the smile, enduring the worst! May Allah bless them !! amen.

    thank you for writing it :)

  7. @Pretty Me!!

    thank you :) they aboslutely deserve more than mere dedication

  8. @.a.

    just cant stop agreeing with you. God Bless them :)

    thank you very much

  9. @The Solitary Writer

    thank you very much :)

  10. So many people make small significant contributions in our lives but they go unnoticed.. Off all the times they have caught me ;) and let me go scott free with a warning! :)


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