February 2, 2009


Pin drop silence, I stand amidst the center of the stage,
Miss perfect smile, covering rivers of nervousness within,
I trust my buoyancy, yet I shiver to the soul
But the podium supports me, standing ahead
With the paper papyrus and the ink filled feather.

Excited, exhilarated, delighted and elated
With the Compères words, I feel the flutter.

"What inspires you to win this crown?" He takes a pause
"You have two minutes, your time begins now"
I think of things that inspire every other,
The first thing I think that inspires, is mother,
I try to think out of the box, when I look above
And ahead of me lies deep, deep darkness,
So silent it feels with murmurs and whispers
I hear the murmurs loud in my ears,
"Go for it, India" I heard a cheer.

I then looked down, kept running my feather
And it rolled my mind on that papyrus paper.
I surpassed the infinite numbness,
The songs, the announcements rendered with my deafened ears,

The next thing I heard loud, was the same crowd cheer,
When the distance between the Universe and India seemed near.
I looked everywhere for inspiration, and it was right here!

Word Count - 201


  1. :) Brought a silent smile

  2. Thank you very much :) I tried to make it a little different. I am the most inspired by the poems on this contest really!

    Cheers to All!

  3. a lovely moment captured in owrds :) perfect to the title !!

  4. your first i read here, first because i wasnt catching up things at WL. mind blowing, although the papyrus paper confused me a little but, just too cute for it - and although i wanted to hold on absorb the excitement of her winning the crown instead of passing it quickly, i enjoyed it thoroughly!

    what a thought - wah wah!

  5. Thank you Pretty :)

    And "A"

    It is my first post here. The original poem was longer and it did capture the excitement of her winning the crown. But I edited it out due to word count limit. I will post the unedited version sometime too :) Thank you for liking it.

  6. what beauty i say.... i could feel the tension throughout..

  7. Thank you Pink Orchid :)

    I loved reading your poem too especially the devil one!

  8. Wow!

    firstly "WELCOME" girl... and secondly great work keeeeep it up!

  9. Have you seen Miss America? I have seen Miss Congeniality and the final crowning was what I could see while reading this post!

    Truly inspiration is everywhere you just have to look at it in the right light at the right time!

  10. Thank you illusion :)

    R.V. Yess! I had that scene in mind too, I wanted to include a line about the usual answers which are related to world peace. I mean in the line where I talk about mother I am trying to convey that MOTHER is the most common answers which is heard at the pageant and hence she starts thinking out of the box.

    Thanks for liking it you guys :)

  11. awww i have no words to express...i told u this is best now see :D...love each of ur poems :D
    and ya welcome to Writers lounge
    Love ya


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