February 1, 2009

The MISadventures of Malu.....COMING SOON !!

Putting an end to your long wait…we bring back our legendary hero Sandeep Malan…!! As you all know, he was the only one to be fired from his company Airvoice in the name of recession! After hiding his face from family and friends for days, he has finally come up with a new plan!! Infamous here among all as super flirt and despo, Malan decides to shift to the other side of the world to create a new fresh image to repair his character and earn a living…

He is flying to the West to explore his life.

Will he be able to control his hyper active hormones!? Will he be able to survive in the country worst hit by recession!? Will he??

So..off flies our legend to the land of his dreams (and dream babes!!)….Americaaa!!

From the Writer of "The Fourth Seat","Office,Family & Love","The Pugilist","The Campus File","The Legend of Sandeep Malan" and "That night at Pemako" we present you

The MISadventures of Malu…the not chosen one..!!

He will make you laugh,
He will make you cry,
He will make you think ,
He will get back your lost smiles,
He is back to entertain you,
He is back with a bang

Join us and Malan in the much awaited…

The MISadventures of Malu…the not chosen one..!!

Visit www.sandeepmalan.blogspot.com to know more about Malan

Planning for a Mid Summer release on 30th March ,which is Malan's birthday.

Worldwide premiere at the Writers Lounge on 30th March. Keep your fingers crossed!!

**Suitable for all ages.Read with your Family.
(co-authors are more than welcome....just mention that you wish to in the comments section..... ;-) )

The Writer has dedicated this series for his mentor,guru and teacher Mr.Sandeep Balan.Mr.Sandeep Balan was the one who inspired the writer with his writing skills.He taught him the art of introducing "twist factor" in series.The writer is grateful to Mr.Balan.


  1. wow!! eagerly awaiting d series ste!!
    a pic is tooooo gud!! wow! :D

    n perfect date 4 release..hehe!

  2. sounds quite interesting...i would like to pitch in with my ideas and be a co author..hopefully should be usefull ;)...Let me know how i can help you...

  3. yaaaaaaay.. waiting eagerly ste... this is goin to be fun..!!!

  4. Myself for co author. At least i can provide u with twists if not considerably good amount of the regular stuff :P

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  6. @Stibu:
    i am for co-authoring it...but you promised me you'll train me in expressing humor..keep your word!! :)

  7. stibu mama...

    can i?? can i?? can i??

    Good good... the series sounds gr8 fun... :)
    Go ahead ..


  8. @priyanka

    bolo jai ,bolo jai, bolo malu mama ki jai

    sure u can join me

    malu hamara neta hai ,sabki pair dabata hai

  9. nan
    sure ...done

    ek.do.tee.chaar bolo malu ji jay jay kaar

  10. kan...yes i will train u dear .....:)
    malu dada hay hay ,malu dada hai hai

  11. arjun

    east or west ....malu is the best .....and malu going to west

  12. steee...copy cat!! :P

    comments style bhi twin ka copy karta hai re!! :D

  13. guys thanks a lot most of u have agreed to co write with me......
    be sure that we all will work together and cook a good sandeep malu curry

  14. priyanka

    malu ,shalu hai is kaam mein

    so bolo malu mama ki jay hooo

  15. YOu knw i was sure on it tht u vl b firing bak with sumfin or the other my fingers crossed for this, forsure.. but 30th march is toooooo faaaaaaaar! btu no worries till then um gonna b enjoyng ur other work!

  16. insii ...we will teach the rogue a lesson .......

    malu mama aage bado ,hum tumhare saath nahi hai


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