February 5, 2009

Inspiration Poetry Contest closes!

Finally, we come to an end of this very very fun-filled, enthusiastic and most of all extremely inspiring contest.

Thanks to each one who wrote, rhymed, commented , appreciated and of course, inspired this contest. From now, the Lounge is officially open.

The results should be declared by 14 th Feb. Consider it a Valentine Day's gift from the Lounge. But before that, we ask you help in the judging contest. As the last time, we will have the Readers' Choice award, but unlike the last time, you can choose your top3.

Send us a mail at writers.in.lounge@gmail.com with your favorite 3 poems. It CANNOT be your own entry. When you do send that mail, write your entry number in the subject line and then "Readers Choice". In the body, write:

1. Top choice
2. Second choice
3. Third choice.

In the scoring system, every time, someone chooses your entry as top choice, you get 10 points. 2nd and 3rd choice get 9 points and 8 points respectively.

Not all posts below are entries. The list of entries are on the right. Please read through carefully before voting.

You can vote till 11th Feb, 09. Looking forward to the same enthusiasm.

Thank You.

The Writers' Lounge Admin.

* Edit- Those who haven't participated in the contest can vote too. Just mention that you didn't participate. That was just to prevent voting for your own entry. The scoring system does need some thinking about and will be done so asap. Thanks a lot, Tan for bringing it in our notice*

*Edit2- The scoring used now will be:

Top choice - 15 points
2nd Choice - 10 points
3rd choice - 05 points

This will give a better demarcation between the entries and the choice will be clear *


  1. WOW ... thats a cool way to deduce the Reader's Choice award.

    @ The Writers' Lounge Admins

    Two things I want to mention here that does not fit into the cause, I found:

    # 1. The points given to top three choices are not logical. Top three cannot be 10, 9 and 8. It can be 3, 2 and 1 or 15, 10 and 5. If you look into Statistics and simple logic you will understand that marking 10, 9 and 8 will lead to missleading results.

    Suggestion: Give points as 15, 10 and 5 for best and clear results.

    2. Does it mean only the participants can vote and not all the members? If we need to give our Entry number in the Subject Line of the mail that we send you, then non-participants will not be able to Vote, which is not a good sign, I believe.

    There are 70 members now; Let all go through the 30 entries and vote.

    REQUEST: The points are important and I would like to see you taking interest in the same.

  2. Thanks mates, for considering my request!! Best of Luck!!


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