February 5, 2009

Lord of War!

Legions of humans,
And beasts of war,
Engaged in battles,
My mind they enthrall!

Swords clanging loud,
Amid showers of sparks,
Cudgels and axes,
Piercing cries at large!

My laughter rages loud,
Across the battle torn skies,
Bolts of Lightning,
Let loose from my hands!

The intent to kill,
And the thirst for blood,
Is a human trait,
Thats hard to ignore!

I fulfill needs,
Fiddle with causes,
Provide the means,
For destruction of races!

Peace makes me restless,
Tranquility makes me worry,
Moans of the wounded,
Are like a soulful melody!

Devastation, my food,
Annihilation, my wine,
Raise your goblet, get down on your knees,
Behold the Lord of War, "Azaraeth" they call me!

Good and Bad, Right and Wrong are a part of every person. Here I attempt to visualize wat It wld b lik to b the Lod of War! To see the world out of the eyes of an entity whose sole muse and passion is destruction! Just another perspective!


  1. wo! that's some powerpacked poetry..loved it!

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  3. Compelling...I could imagine him looking down upon mere mortals watching his devious motives gaining form.. He can see the mortal beings fall prey to his ideas which he plants. He gives them strength to fight each other. Which they use to destroy each other. If they would use the forte to fight him, they will no destruction...

    It is in his blood or what ever non-mortals have flowing..It is in his nature and this is what feeds him

    To Azaraeth, to force, to power!!!

  4. u did well with this poem...

  5. very nice poem maverick!! how did u get such an idea? it amazes me!!!

  6. "Beautiful" is the word....tooo good...a completely fresh perspective. A new thought. And a delightful read....hats off maverick!!

    Lounge is proud to have people like you....

  7. Thx Prats!

    @ nan
    I am assuming dat to b a compliment! :P

    @ crystal gal
    thx for ur compliments! idea jst came outta nowhere! rilly!

    @ Sandeep Balan
    Thanks Sandeep! am honoured!

  8. I had to read a couple of times, but I bet it was worth it ...

    .. its always great to have a different outlook - a different perspective ... you took out the best!

    Thanks for sharing ...

  9. Truly maverick. Characterizing Satan hellbent on devastation. :)

    Conveyed the meaning of what you wanted too with elan.

  10. @ Kings
    Wonderful comment! Thnk u so much! :)


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