February 26, 2009

The Fog

“You will fly away in an hour. I will miss you Mr. Goluraam. You really have to go? Can’t you stay back?”

“It’s not that I don’t wish to, my sweety pie BhonduKali. But I have no choice”

“One year!! My Golu will be away from me for a whole year. Don’t go sweety! Please stay back naa. I can’t even imagine one whole year without you daa”

“Bhondu my love….You think I won’t miss you. I would, every second. Just think of it as a test before we start our lives together.”

“Golu. I am not that strong dear. You know that. And I don’t want to give any tests. Not at the expense of staying away from you. I can’t refrain myself from making a call to you every now and then for silly things. And here you are, going away for one whole year! Please don’t go!”

“Who said I am going away my Bhondu? I am right here. With you… In your thoughts... In your dreams”

“I can’t survive on just thoughts and dreams of my Golu. I simply can’t. You complete me. In every sense. Without you, I am like a body without a soul. You will find more beautiful girls than me there in States. One year is long enough for you to forget all about my existence. I will lose you. Please don’t go”

“Who said your soul is leaving you jaan? Can you come outside and look towards the sky from your balcony?”

“From my balcony? At this hour of the night? Have you gone nuts? Why do you want me to do that? It’s freezing outside”

“Do as I say Bhondu jaan? For me. Please. And I promise you won’t feel the cold. Mr. Golu da promise”

“I am here. Now what? It’s really foggy out here today. I can barely see the stars even. The moon is playing hide and seek as well”

“I know. Life is like that fog you see right now Bhondu. Acting as a veil between the stars and their admirers. You are the star jaan. And I am your admirer. I wish to see you sparkling and shining every moment. I want to bathe in your shine. And you shine brighter for your admirer. Blushing at all the attention and love you are being showered with from down here. And then all of a sudden, the fog comes in between us. That’s life playing its games. Everything else remains the same. It’s just the fog in between both of us. A temporary blindness. A state where the star is unsure about whether its admirer is still watching from down there and vice versa. It’s when the star will continue to shine brightly and sparkle hoping and wishing not to let her admirer down, if the fog lifts any moment, when we can say that their relationship has really matured. It’s about the feeling the star has that it has someone watching it from down below. It’s about the feeling the admirer has that he will catch his star twinkling brightly for him the moment this fog lifts. This feeling is called hope. This feeling is called desire to be one. This feeling is called love. Wait for the fog to lift. If our relationship was strong, if we were really meant to be, you would continue to twinkle brightly for me when this fog will lift after a year. And you will find me admiring your beauty and shine right here. Then we would have passed the test. Time will teach you to be strong jaan. Everything will be fine. Trust me”

“Goluuuuuu…I love you……muah”

“I love you too….See…the fog is already allowing you sneak peeks…he he…oooops…they have announced the boarding for my flight. I will miss you my star. Love you loads”

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  1. *sighs*

    bhondu singh melted like wax under the wick of a candle..

    now you are allowed to take your flight.. :)


  2. dont melt...dont melt...the lounge will lose a star...someone save her...someone save her....

    thanx for giving me the permission to board my flight...he he...*hugs*

    @WL: off to bhubaneshwar for few days....adios ;-)

  3. Daa, seems like you wrote this while waiting to board your flight to bhubaneshwar!

    Balu... u've left me speechless... yet again! Beautiful thought, simple language, packed with emotion, and no superheroes! A brilliant piece of work dude! Kudos!

  4. i could relate to the feelings of bhondu ... you wrote it oput perfect ... I felt the same when my best friend went abroad for supposedly 3 months which have now been extended !! but the hope that the love is not lost keeps you living on .. thanks for this write :)

  5. Speechless bro..!!

    The way u associated the fog, the stars and the admirers... too good..:) :)

    Off to bhubaneshwar?? Tata.. hehe ;)


  6. left speechlees twin....no words can describe how much i loved this!!!!
    dats why using no adjectives to describe...coz dey wont do justice..!!

    plz write more often on mush mush.... ;)

    hmmmmm..i see u hav replaced d actual motu wid golu....n d actual golu with bhondu...hehe....
    show dis to ur golu...she'll loveeee dis.... ;)

  7. the protagonists aren't described though, but the conversation tell all.. Its over the phone i presume :)

    nicely written!

  8. Simply superb narration :) Too truly said.

  9. Sandeep
    I am sorry sandeep although i loved the golu and bhundu part i cant praise u as i am speeechless how i can praise a mentor i dont have words... ;) it is close to my heart very close this is all i can say abt your writing..

  10. @neha

    a big hii from bhubaneshwar...its a beautiful city...refreshing change from the hustle n bustle of mumbai...

    thanx for the appreciation daa....all credit to kajal for coaxing me write this...sort of a challenge she threw at me which was to be conceptualized n completed in 15 mins...

  11. @prats

    hey..its my duty to entertain...dont thank me for the write...yeh mera janamsiddh adhikaar hain...he he...i completely understand n second your point...the feeling of love is not lost keeps you going...and thats a sweet wait...cheers!

  12. @arjun

    reporting from bhubaneshwar...hiiiiii...he he he..

    what happened to your speech...god...*looks around for the doctor*....what will happen to this lounge if a jester loses his voice...ohhh...mera chota ste ka sapna adhoora reh jaayega...he he ;-)

    glad bro...really glad that you liked this one...will try to churn out more...n all that associations were just like that only...wrote this in 15 mins for kajal....she threw me a challenge...had no clue what i was typing..but it came out good..he he ;-)

  13. @twin

    now that your paper went pretty well...you have full rights to come back to the lounge...he he...

    will try my level best to churn out more mush mush...this just came out in the spur of the moment


  14. @Sandeep: oyeeeeeeeeee kaise ho? how is bhubaneshwar treating you???? :D

    i am addicted to your stories.. couldnt help but force you to write one !! :D

    you are so kind you actually accepted ..and came with such a beautiful one.. :)

  15. @islex

    i purposely kept it that way islex...and yaa..its a phone conversation...wanted to focus on the conversation...describing the protagonists in detail would have taken off the focus from the conversation...moreover i wanted the readers to form impressions of the protagonists on the basis of their conversation...so while the male protagonist is a settled and philosophical guy..a practical person...the female is insecure and needs emotional support...conversations were the best way to highlight that...

  16. @kings

    heyyyyyy...karupaana kaiyaala melle piddichaaa...kaadhal yen kaadhal...pukudda amma...hail chota Ste ;-) ;-)

    thanx my content partner(images)...those three words said it all...happy *does a lil jig*

  17. @insi

    hey sweetheart...its an honour that you look up to me as a mentor...but i would prefer at being a friend....a best one at that ;-)

    *big hug* really glad that chotu liked it.....yeyyyyyyy!! yeyyyyyy!!! really happy...n u r destined to create much much better stories than i can ever...u are a bundle of talent insi...explore...explore ;-)

  18. @kajal

    oyeeeeeeeee...the catalyst for this story is here.....balle balle...balle balle....bhubaneshwar is pretty cool city...really hot out here...temperatures are in the range of 40 degrees.....but a silent city...helpful people...lesser vehicles on the roads...n yaa...fishhhhhhhh curryyyyyy...yummmmyyyyyyy ;-) ...a pleasant change

    n all the praise above is all yours dear...coz u made me do it...else this would never have come out...n dont get addicted...he he...addiction buri baat hain...chee chee ;-)

    hope you doing great.....he he ;-)

  19. @kajal

    kind?? kaunse angle se...haan raat ko 2 se 3 baje tak main kind rehta hoon...he he he ;-)

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  21. @Sandeep:

    heheehe :P main credit chor hoon.. par mujhe nahi pata tha ki dancing on your head for a story will get me credit.. hehehee would love to do more of this dancing.. :P

    A friend is missing,
    gtalk is silent,
    the smileys are not being used,
    the winks are not winking,
    the grin is not wide enough..
    come back and ping me soooon!!!

  22. @kajal

    naheeeeeeeeee...naheeeeeeeee ;-) ab aur naheeeeeeeeee...iss lazy soul se aur kitna atyachaar karaaogi? he he ;-) would love to provide my head as your platform for the item song ;-)

    and wowwwwwwww...the poem has made my desire to rush back and open gtalk stronger...will be back soooooon... ;-)

  23. @WL

    raises the WL flag in Bhubaneshwar....ek hi naara apna...bharat ke har state main WL ka tiranga hain lehraana...Jai WL ;-)

    Mumbai ka already lehraaya tiranga sambhaalne sunday waapas aa raha hoon ;-) ;-)

  24. Wow..

    I really wish i could figure out right kinda adjectives to describe this one..But I just Can't.
    I am Literally SPeechless..

  25. As always, that i've noticed . My deductions, sherlock holmes isshtyle ;)

    True works are of impulsive and intuitive kind... and more deeper from the heart and meaningfull too..proved time and again...and more entertaining toooo

    Go sandeep go... Lead us on.. into the valley of thoughts... that did bring a smile on the face...at times contemplating odds... mush is no hush..blah blah blah ;)

  26. @kajal

    he he he...haso haso ;-) aa raha hoon main dhannoooooo ;-)

  27. awwww.. that was really romantic..

    mashee kallakkii :)

  28. @charzz

    hey...if everyone turns speechless how will the lounge survive?? he he he...joking yaar...that comment was so encouraging...yeyyyy!!! keep reading ;-)

  29. @kings

    true true...accept every word...elementary my dear sherlock ;-)

    will keep leading you all into the valley of thoughts....seatbelts on...its a bumpy ride..he he...

  30. @ani

    wowwwwwwwwwwwww...that was such a sweet comment...wow mole dinesha ;-)

  31. enda cheyyanna mashe..njan sweet allee.. hehe really da.. too good.. didnt expect tht frm u .. lol..

  32. i loved the way u write

    fog coming between the star and the admirer...wow! such imaginative thoughts!

    long distance love is really painful i must say

    beautifully written!

  33. wow... that was a really sweet post h****ie... just that the fog goes on becoming denser and denser in today's world instead of disappearing... the fog of mistrust, of doubt, of expectations... and many stars twinkle endlessly in hope of their admirers...

    nevertheless... a sugar coated post... way to go!!!


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