February 26, 2009


Leaves a smile on your face
Or a tear in your eye
Very difficult to know, to confess, and to abide by, still
Enticing to fall into!

My attempt at acrostic poetry! Wrote it on an impulse... waiting for comments! :)


  1. Love has been described in a way too many by different people in different times ... Your way is appreciable too ... Good one ... and I'm sure you liked this concept of writing ... I liked it too :)

  2. wow! I agree with the thought and applaud your effort! :D proud of ya

  3. tera impulse would be one big impulse...kya image lagaaya hain...waah...waah!

    good attempt the big venky...the selection of words are flawless...kudos...pats on the back...uhhh..that hurt my hand..hehe..


  4. @ Tan
    I think it's a great effort by Pretty Prats, telling us about different poetry styles.. I guess each one of us at WL inspires the other in some way. Am glad you liked it!

    @ Pink

    @ Balu
    First, pfffrrrrrttttt!!!!
    And tujhe image se kya problem hai dude?
    Hurt your hand eh??!! Aaja Aaja, tera treatment bhi mere hi haathon hona likha hai... yaad rakhega tu!
    Lastly, am glad you liked it! :)

  5. i loved this !! so sweet :)

  6. short and sweet, spilling the beans ;)

    nicely expressed

  7. Yeah Neha..!! Thanks to Prats for introducing us to all these forms.. :)

    The post, was lovely.....
    AS everyone said- short, sweet and so well expressed..!!

    Next, try something on 'Naisiaku'... See, tats the latest i learnt from Prats..!! hehe :P


  8. yes, echoing Arjun, Thanks prats.. it gave me My Impulse :P hehe

    Neha, pretty... cute, yes!
    Enchanting, it left a mark somewhere
    Having me wishing to fall too!
    And Thankyou For beng here!

    but as it is said, a tear or smile, It is still preferred to fall once than never!

  9. yes yes..as everyone said...wow!
    its lovely neha!! loved it!

  10. asbah tht was a good one... True works are of impulsive and intuitive kind... and more deeper from the heart and meaningfull too..proved time and again...

  11. @ Asbah
    That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said about me! Thanx for bringing a grin to my face!

    U r our guru mata!! Praise from the guru is overwhelming... Takes a bow!

    @ kings, chirag, pinku
    thanx so much... that's mush, ain't it?

    @ Arjun
    Yeah, will definitely try out Naisiaku. Am glad you likd it!


  12. *a much broader grin* :D

  13. that was beautiful.. simple n so true.. thts how love is .. :)

  14. @ Ani
    Well said.. oh, btw, have you been in love? Or do you want to fall in love? ;)

    @ Aparna
    Gracias! :)


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