February 26, 2009

Acrostic Poem

3 Acrostic poems in one! I'm bored studying :( My time table is out too and it sucks! 

Senseless and crazy, I was
Of all the things, I didn't
Realise what I was letting go.
Remember each day, I still do.
You still do linger in every heart beat.

Happy times will surely come.
One day or another, I'm sure.
Pieces missing of this giant jigsaw
Each will come together, I'm sure.

PSYCHOLOGY (My love-hate relationship)
Patience of listening to 
Series of problems that
You may have. Helping 
Change be integrated. And
Hope be instilled
Of better times to come.
Love yourself before anyone else.
Offer the best you have
Give a fair chance to 
Yourself. I'm here to just help.


  1. heyy..lounge is over flowin wid acrostic poetry..wow!!
    n each is a great piece!!
    wow rashi...very well written!!

  2. WOW.... {amazedd..dazed} ... three in one post

    All are too good.

    And the Acrostic *O.S.C.A.R award goes to Rashi, for a record breaking attempt in writing acrostic poetry.

    By getting deeper into the psyche of a human being by titling her poems on Hope -one word for betterment/change of things to come, Sorry - a single word uttered can change a zillion things, Psychology- the path breaking betterment of human psyche

    -- standing ovation--

    And Prats, you get a lifetime achievement Acrostic *O.S.C.A.R award for inspiring the souls in the lounge to write about acrostic poetry.

    -- standing ovation--

    by *O.S.C.A.R



  3. Hey rashi, i always wanted to meet a psychologist, just to know much better about myself and moreover try to improve myself ;) but stil have not visited one, fearing what it may cost.

    any suggestions/help.

  4. come visit me... free of cost...or wait till I come to Chennai (?? right??) and take me out :P for professional reasons of course!

  5. Thats an invitation i cant stop from accepting ;) ... yeah sure ..do come to chennai....will take you around...be my guest.. anytime :)

  6. aww lol!

    All of them are amazing, My ratings will be 1) Sorry
    2) Hope
    3) Psychology:)

  7. My My My ... wat to say ?? m speechless !!! Raash ... u e awesome dearie .. even i did not attempt such good ones ever .. the psychology was interersting read ...

    @Kings : loved the OSCAR acrostic !!

  8. all are so beautiful rash..you had me smiling :)

  9. loved the poems..

    3 in one.. :)

    good going dear.. :)


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