February 14, 2009

Exes and Oh's

No, no.. I am not talking about lesbianism and the rules of lesbian dating here, nor am I really in the mood for the Ex and Oh game [I am pretty good at it by the way]... But when I say "Exes and Ohs" I mean it, literally! Whenever we think of our exes, there is always an oh! accompanying it :P

I have had I don't know how many relationships till date... I've lost count, honestly. Some lasted for years, some for months, some for weeks, some for days and some for hours too! But I have been in 3 serious relationships as of now. And when I look back now, I do not have the slightest feeling of regret because each one of them made me a better, stronger person and more acquainted with the realities of life.

Different people have different approaches towards their exes. To each his own. I have a mixed one! I used to think before that it was not difficult being friends even after you have been dating before. I was convinced about it too because I was friends with all my exes that time. That was 3 years ago. The notion has changed now, I think that once you break up, you better keep your exes out of sight, out of mind, and out of life! The reason for this change, I believe, is that I used to never be as involved in relationships before... Now, it is a little different.

One of the many things that I have learnt from my current relationship, since past 1 and a half year, is that you MUST NOT mention your ex [even if that is in a friendly faith] in front of your current interest at any cost. They react adversely, sooner or later. They tend to take it otherwise. One of the many things I wanna learn from my current relationship, especially being a girl, is how to get over my ex flames, for good! I really want to learn how to eradicate the inevitable force of comparison which takes over your current relationship at some point or the other during its tenure.

I learnt from my first serious Ex that women should not and must not be used as dummies to take out your frustrations in life. Oh, I would not want to have that phase of life back again! I learnt from my second serious Ex that respect ought to be an important ingredient in any relationship. Just because you're committed to a girl does not mean she cannot have a career and her own self respect. Oh, how I hope the notion has changed now... What makes everything worse is the peculiar quality of Exes to realize their mistakes only after the relationship has been called off! Oh, it sucks! I cannot think of an Ex situation without an Oh! :P Atleast not right now...

Nevertheless, I am very thankful to all my Exes, serious or not, for teaching me something or the other. Doesn't matter whether I am in touch with you or not, I will always wish the best in life for all of you! Oh, and I had a great time with all of you :P [There we go, another Ex with an Oh!] Thank you for everything! I know and you know it too that we are each others Exes coz things did not workout well. There was hurt, tears, mistrust and everything of that sort, but as Justin Timberlake says, What Goes Around Comes Around... I am a strong believer in that! Thank you the most for going away from my life, if it was not for you guys, I would have not met my current love interest ;)

Keep spreading love, it is beautiful!

Happy V day to all :)


  1. You think like me girl! I'm serious!

    Not only did you make me go 'OH' but you made me sigh! Why don't they learn?

    I have been an ex, I have been with some1 who hadn't gotten over his EX (worst situation).. But then in the end, it all works to be the best (i hope) for you!

    I believe in this doctrine a lot.. You gotta kiss a few frogs, before you kiss Prince Charming...What say gal?

  2. I believe in this doctrine a lot.. You gotta kiss a few frogs, before you kiss Prince Charming...What say gal?
    Rash you stole words out of my mouth... truly..

    and satan's this was a good one gal.. shows your mature and positive outlook towards life.. keep it going...:)

  3. I believe in this doctrine a lot.. You gotta kiss a few frogs, before you kiss Prince Charming...What say gal?
    Rash you stole words out of my mouth... truly..

    and satan's this was a good one gal.. shows your mature and positive outlook towards life.. keep it going...:)

  4. though i have been in not many serious relations, i agree that each relation teached you something .. a step for being a better person and finally some one else will benefit it all !!!c and also it sucks that ppl realize their mistakes once its all over !! i hate it more wen they promise to change themselves ,, bah !! is it so easy to forgive and forget ??

  5. I agree Rashi and Kajal! I am just making my way to the right guy through many wrong ones ;)

    And yeah Prats, it is definitely not easy to forgive and forget. These guys make it sound like it is no big deal at all!

    Thanks for loking it ladies :)

  6. on d contrary..i did not like it!
    kissing a few frogs before u kiss prince charming!! how weird!!

    better to stay away from these relationships...u call dat love? doesnt love mean being true to someone forever..

    phew! may be i m not d right person to comment coz i lack experience of these fake relations! good dat i chose to!
    or probably i live too much in those true love fairy tales! life is not so kind na..

  7. oh..but yes..den sometimes no matter how true u r....d other person might not be...as i said..life is not so kind.....
    so yes..d one whom u think to be ur soulmate actually might be a frog..! hmmm..ya!

    n den u wait for dat someone who loves u so much..n actually loves u!

  8. so... better to love someone who loves u lot more :D !!! saves a few heaertbreaks !!

  9. Darn one ex and only one relationship ever i ve already learnt an encyclopedia.

    YES inked Justin timberlakes words in gold.

    And i always say '
    'Love is all about chemistry and tht's why u end up being treated like toxic waste sometimes'

    Cheers and best of luck for your present relationship

  10. Thanks Rohan :)

    And Priyanka, It's a Vicious cycle! I can see myself in your thoughts, like 4 years ago! I used to think the same way, but as we all find out some day or the other, life is SO unpredictable! No use planning anything!

    I planned that my first BF would be THE ONE... didn't work!

    The second... Well same thing more or less!

    This time... I am not planning! I am just taking it as it comes... I just freak out when I see people, especially girls using the term "commitment" so loosely! Usually, the girls who say they are committed, mostly between 16-22 years of age, are the ones who get dumped or they dump their bfs. It is so sad!

    Last but not the least, how I wish my life was a fairy tale! But then I am happy with what I got too, I could make a movie on it someday :P

  11. @ Priyanka,

    I agree with what SD has to say. WE all plan to live happily after but then sometimes things just don't work out! What to do? Yes, that is love too. Forever is a weird concept..Love isnt forever..the zeal to make it work is!

    Btw.. I read at Archies today... "Come fall in love. It isn't that difficult." I thought to myself... falling in love isnt..staying there is!!! :D

  12. Hahah good one Rashi, and very true too.. What do we say.. Good Marketing skills! People actually do fall for that, And Archies must be making up its revenue for the whole year filled with losses on Valentines Day :D

  13. we learn frm everything in our life...let alone our exes...but true it makes u sigh...but a very positive outlook towarda it..


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