February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day. Well, hence the post is on love. No, it isn't about being in love, hating love or moving on. It is just on love.

Those who have ever been in love or been loved, will agree that it is the most special feeling in that moment and no1 ever wants it to end. But life isn't perfect. Nothing is permanent.

Think back on all the moments in life. Is there any one person who has always been there? Most of us would say NO. Different people come into our lives at different times and then leave. Some leave a footprint. Some leave a deep gash. But they all leave.

There is just one person who will always be there with you. That person is YOU. You will never leave your side. You will never be alone when you are comfortable with yourself.

Trust me, when one learns to love oneself. One can give and receive some much better. When one is comfortable with self, one can enjoy the company of the person and never let differences affect a relationship. One can trust without being hurt! 

On this extremely special day, I say


P.S: I had to live upto my image of the philosophy queen at least today :D


  1. I strive for that day that one person always remains forever, atleast i would in someones life.

    But darn god made me and threw the mould :P

    Never the less Happy valentines day

  2. Someone rightly said: Know thyself, love thyself!
    If you don't love yourself how can u spread love to others?

  3. Adoring oneself help acquainting a better self
    Wel written rashi!

  4. Happy Valentines Day to you.. and Happy Valentines Day to me :)

    Well written Rashi!

  5. hey yeah same to me... gifted myself so many chocolates today.. :)

  6. but there is always whom we want to see with us always !!

    sigh !

    thats so depressing at times u know .. but neway ... we all go on .. smtimes happy, smtimes sad !

    Happy V day dear :)

  7. hmmm true svthrt...but like prats sd we alwas want someone else by our side...nevrtheless its bettr to love our ownself cuz then it helps other thngs get betr..


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