January 21, 2009

You Mean The World To Me

In the sunset beneath the clouds,
I hear your voice, in the passing breeze,
I hear that laughter, like tinkling bells,
But till I see you, my heart can't rest in ease.

I feel your touch in the tides of the waves,
My heart yearns to see you once,
My eyes search for your face my love,
To hold you in my arms, and freeze the moment before it runs.

When I touch the petals of the rose,
I close my eyes, and feel like I'm touching your skin,
That velvety feel, I just cannot forget,
It makes my heart, just go into a spin.

The drops of rain remind me of your moist kiss,
How can I forget the touch of your lips?
The feel of your breath so near my face,
Remind me of the ecstasy that pulses my race.

In nature’s joys, all I can see is you,
Maybe that’s because, I only want to,
For I forget myself, when you are near to me,
For you, my dear, mean the world to me.

A joint poem, by myself and Tweety... during a game we played whilst we chatted, to pass the time. I think its difficult to separate which lines are mine, and which are hers! but you are welcome to try..! ;)


  1. Why should we separate the lines ... the lines are entangled well enough!!

    Loved the thought and flow of the poem ... good writes!!

  2. You know what this reminded me of?

    Something stupid by Nicole Kidman (the song)

    I agree with Tan no partition required!

  3. Wow....Seems like a song really....

    Haven't really heard the song "Stupid"....But liked the flow of the Poem :)

  4. i second tan.. no separation required..awesome flow.. and yes it can be tuned in to a an amazing melodious number for the slumdong millinaire 2.. AR Rahman is listening i know :)

  5. Wonderful write! Good work, Shweta! And you to Leo! The lounge is promoting the value of co-operation! :P :P
    Wat else could one really ask for? :)

  6. i loved ds poem ... myself have written quite few poems in colalbration wd a frnd,... now that he is busy and away, i no longer do that .. Oh! memories .. they never leave u ;)

    nice work frnds :D

  7. not a song anurag! :D tho we could tune it l8r if u want! :)

  8. waah

    poetry king and poetry princess writing a poem...waah ....i liked it :)


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