January 21, 2009

Without You!

It almost seems an eon,
For you, I have been in wait,
Fortitude stretched to shreds,
A cruel game of fate!

The twittering melodies of birds,
Seem out of tune,
Without you the future,
Seems full of dust and dunes!

The bright cherry blossoms,
Seem drab and dreary,
Without you the beautiful setting sun,
Looks tired and weary!

This journey through my existence,
Holds no meaning,
Without you, my past and present,
Seem austere and unappealing!

The world looks devoid of,
Joy, happiness and charm,
Without you, I gaze at life,
Depressed and forlorn!

Trying to shake off the cobwebs,
Causes more pain than relief,
Without you, I have lost my identity,
My faith and self-belief!

This agony lingers around,
Coursing through night and day,
To be with you forever,
I would give my life away!


  1. Really kool Rhyming there Maverick...Really nice :)

  2. loved the flow in the poem...great expression mav...keep up the good work

  3. ah that familiar "i miss you" feeling...:)

  4. @ Anurag
    Thank you! :)

    @ Shweta
    Thank You so much! Glad u likd it! :)

    @ Kajal
    So is da feeling familiar coz u hav experienced it or coz hav it in most of ma poems??? :)
    Thnx for readin it!!!!

  5. ofcourse the experience makes it familiar

  6. you express pain well through ur poems...its a common factor i noticed! :)

    yet the flow is awesome! :)


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