January 25, 2009

You Made Me Realize...

You made me realise,,
those countless emotions cradled in the realms of my heart,
You made me realise,,
my true worth in the undisputed depths of my heart,
You made me look up at this world with an invincible spirit,
helped me peep into those deep dungeons ,that lie hibernating beneath the crust of my heart,
You gave me an entirely new World to live in,,
fraught with aspiring fantacies n' cherishing dreams,
fraught with countless moments of girlish joys...
n' helped me construct a realm endowed with my imaginary castlesand unfulfilled fantacies,,
You made me understand the true meaning of life.
Your presence transported me to a world of Utopia,
brimming over with friendship, care, warmth n' love,
You made me realise,,
the true persona of my inner self,
You made me become...
the one,i am today...!!

Dated Dec'07

This one is dedicated to my friend, philosopher and mentor..!!
Thanks a lot for being with me through thick and thin...
and inspiring me to embrace life with an invincible spirit!!

Word count: 133


  1. This can impress and please any heart !! wish my inspiration loved dedication,i would have sent this poem to him rt away ;) !

  2. agree wid prats :)
    lovely poem yaar, yes..some special ppl do touch our lives in such a way dat it changes forever...changing us...making us wht we are....
    beautifully put :)

  3. @ Riversoul,Pretty me!!, Priyanka

    Thanku so much foe the appreciation.!!
    Comments and criticism welcomed.!!
    This was my first go at the Writer's Lounge.

  4. wonderful poem mohita

    beautiful lines!!

  5. Waoh really nice ....
    Show it to your friend i.e mentor and make him completely realise :P

    And a nice pic to boot too :)

  6. beautiful lines....had a good time reading it

  7. amazing lines... friends could sometimes be the magic that define our lives..

  8. wow! we're amazing people :D

    inspiring others and writing odes to people who've inspired us! incredi!

  9. @ Aparna, Anurag, The solitary writer, The pink orchid

    Thanku so much..!!


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