January 25, 2009

Cherry Red.

In the corpse of graveyard

The wild dark night,

Is endlessly in chase of dreams

In pursuits of rays and glints

There is no light of hope

Yet, as winds trace the paths

Of receding waves,

Caprice dries all the tears

Happy - to be lost in the cloud lands

Blossom by blossom spring sprawl

Minute by minute twilight arrive –

Painting the rolling time,

A scarlet-cheery red

Bright and flauntingly gay - the skies

Solitude lays burry in the snow,

Dieing death of thousand years,

And after all the arduous departing

Finally the dawn has dawned!

Dec 13, 05.

Not exactly related to the theme, was just digging my old HD and found it. It is about not losing hope, sticking by till the dawn arrives and obliterate darkness, because in the end, it does.

ps - unable to upload image  :S please blame the dialup.


  1. wonderful start out there asbah.. inspiring lines indeed...

  2. Great poem Asbah ...where do you get words like caprice and arduous from .... But I liked the way u wrote .... The dawn has finally dawned ...Really Nice

    *Goes to the other room to get his Dictionary* :P

  3. Wonderful approach..!!
    Amazing vocab.!!

  4. really good one !! thank Goodness my dictionary was on my bed only ;) ! wonderful start .. do try n put a lovely pic too some time ..

  5. oh wow..a lovely poem asbii :)
    though i didnt need d dictionary..i knew d meanings..yipppiieee :P
    n like all ur poems dear...wid deep meanings...i had to read twice to get d essence :P ...dumbo me ;)

  6. hmm yes i understood this poem tooo ....but feels gr8 when a buddy of mine wrote such a beautiful poem when she was 17 yr old....waaah ....good going asbi...

    at anurag

    thats asbah man,intense use of words to express something isnt easy dude,.....she makes it possible
    see the use of words.....but it clearly indicates wht she wants to say....asbi ....tussi tu gr8 hai

  7. lol. how the hell did i miss these comments :D

    some how did. Short-term memory loss (who are you?) lol

    no, honestly. when i was young, my way of learning new words was to use them, specially in poems. now when i look back i realize that most of the usage, or the context in which the words were used was incorrect, but thats how you learn.

    i presume that you all liked the poem :)



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