January 26, 2009

Yes We Can :)

I was down that day
But not out, not yet
Many had a lot to say
But I got back, you bet!

It was all because of somebody though
Someone whom I saw campaigning
Addressing to the thousands gathered
Firmly said he,” Yes We can!”

The assurance in his voice
Rang like a gong in my ear
People could now make a good choice
My path suddenly felt so near.

He had a strong Belief
That he could bring about change
People had a strong belief too
In his ability, persona and range.

He is now the president
Must have dreamt that as a child
It had become a reality now
People around the world smiled.

If he can, then why can’t we?
Self Confidence is all that we need
We must do something before we die
So let’s start sowing that seed.

Word Count:143

Thank you ThePinkOrchid for your help :)


  1. hey anurag.. i didnt help you at all...take that credit off from there..

    i liked the poem a lot...
    "yes we can" :)

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  3. nice poem!
    aww..d whole world is in awe of obama...expectations r toooo high...evryone is hopin for a miracle!! well..time is such...hope he does!

    he has instilled so much hope..no doubt..thanks to his correct use of words, excellent communication wid all, n all those 'inspiring' one-liners!! well...its easy to frame good lines..n he has ppl workin for it, he himself is too gud at it.....n he has indeed done dat perfectly.....all of sudden...evryone is hopin all gud...change has becum d buzz word..wow...its gud actually...confidence works...n othrs n in ourselves..

    i loved his- 'change will not cum if v wait for sum othr person or some othr time..we r d ones v hav been waitin for..we r d change v seek!" i love dis! inspiring!!

    hmmm....he must b under d burden of expectations....
    all d best to obama! n to us!! :P
    hope he delivers!!

  4. Hey,,loved it..!!
    Such an innovative one..!!

    "Must have dreamt that as a child
    It had become a reality now"
    Amazing lines.!!

  5. really good one !! you caught the perfect mood :D

  6. @ the Pink Orchid

    You did help ..Ok for one or two lines ....But guess it made all the difference ...Thanxs :)
    Yes we Can Indeed

    @ Success

    My post promted u to say that ...If it did then great and thanxs :P

    @ Priyanka

    Waoh A full article on Barack Obama ..lol...but U are right ..he's truly an inspiration...

    You should told me this earlier...'change will not cum if v wait for sum othr person or some othr time..we r d ones v hav been waitin for..we r d change v seek!"

    I would hv used those lines in the poem .......but Thanxs anyways :)
    and all the best to him indeed :)

  7. @ Mohita

    Thanxs :)
    Came up with those lines just like that honestly.didn't think too much :)

    @ Prats

    Did I? Did I? :P
    Thanxs Prats :)

  8. yes u definitely did Anurag :D

  9. its good to knw that obama inspired u to write a poem...am very glad :)

  10. I'm glad to know Obama has sparked hope around the world! As an American, I pray daily that he is able to help turn our country around. We have been on the wrong path for the past 8 Bush years.:(

    Now we have hope again!!!

  11. Gud poem.. Very Motivating. .. Seriously these words create magic... "yes we can!"

  12. I read this days ago, could not comment ... However, I told you how I liked it ...

    I hope the message goes places and people get inspired as you did!!


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