January 26, 2009

Victory and Bliss.

When even the eloquent silence wept,
The sheer pain, the gore,
And sand pierced in the tear-less eyes
Arid and desolate.
Nothing promising much,
But the tears were confined in the fake smiles,
Testing the acme of resistance,
Not letting even a single one to flow.

The stupendously-fantabulous patience was lauded
And appraised by the heavens above,
Gigantic canvas of life
Which had been ashen-brown
Was dappled with the glimmering hues
Unrelenting irrevocable days trod away
Darting pass the iridescent moments
Juvenile spirits were woven again
Coaxed someone back to life
And a mirthful countenance glared back.
Someone was privileged enough to be victorious
Over the inundated misery
And that someone,
Lived her life
With victory and bliss.

Word count: 119.

This is one of my favorite poems. Really favorite, I have gotten this one published twice, once in Young Time – Khaleej Times and other in US – The News. Again, related to waiting and watching till the dawn arrives, all of these poems are written in 2005 and early 2006, the time I thought I had become the poetic muse personified; I used to speak in rhymes, reply in jingles and talk in verses. But that was once upon a time. (All of these master pieces are once written years ago)

Since any type of rant is un-allowed here I decided to take this note as an excuse to what I want to say. I will not be taking part in the contest (this decision is flexible though :P ) just because I find it unable to write poems now, been trying for last one week but futile, nothing worthwhile was produced. And honestly I was/am still confused about the theme, I want more poems to be posted here to have a clear view of it, may be I will actually come up with a nice idea/inspiration etc.
I want you all to evaluate it separately from the contest and thoroughly.

For ease of all =)
Eloquent silence: sometimes even the silence is expressive, and I have experienced times when silence weeps, referring it here.
Lachrymal: it’s a dull shade used to portray sadness/grief
Acme: heights, here used as with-all-might.
Although the phrase 'stupendously-fantabulous' is incorrect grammatically and literally but I really like it there, because patience can be stupendous, it can also be fantabulous.
Dappled – irregular splashes of color over something
Juvenile – young/blithesome (youth is generally bliss)
Coaxed – persuaded
Mirthful – happy!!
Countenance – expression
Inundated (literally means busy, here taken as flood of)

I hope you all like the poem.



  1. liked it, loved it and bowled over by it....

    waiting to see your contest entry..I know you will do wonders..

    god bless!!

  2. oh Lord! Thankyou..

    comming from you, it sure is compliment :) Gratis.

  3. asbah, are u sure its not ur entry? coz that blew me away..! :)

    the depth and the emotion, it could be felt!

    waitin to see ur entry...like calliope says, it will do wonders!

  4. oh hold on, i USED to write poems, really, its been so long the muse has abandoned me and never returned! i cant participate :(

  5. ohh wow....now now..i had to read dis also twice :P
    n saw ur scraps..didnt undrstnd that ease for all...now i see...hehe...gud gud..thanks ;)
    oh..d depth of ur poems...enuf to drown me!! :D
    n i love dat...

  6. lol..

    *tries to save pri from drowning*

  7. i'm really impressed by this poem

    i wonder how much more beautiful ur actual contest entry will be

    read every line...so much depth in it!

  8. One of my favourites till date....
    and the depth... I too am drowning... ;)

    no more words asbah... Just top notch...

    Try writing a poem until 4th.. If u still cant then fine... "I can't participate" is for now, a premature statement....
    We don't wanna hear that from the 'bests' like u.. :)


  9. Waoh what emotion there Asbah ....

    I could understand this one fully too :) yaay :P

    Wonderful Work :)

  10. just perfect !! this can be anyone's favorite !! such imagery and words :)

  11. but y not for the contest ??

  12. Asbo,

    I know what you mean by lack of inspiration.. Why not write on that?

    I was so down on inspiration that I couldnt even get myself to read and comment on posts. Then i saw an inspiring post about Indian Republic Day. And then that struck me. and I wrote.

    You just need something to spark you up... Find it fast!

    Now, about this poem...Absolutely loved it. I had promised myself it would be the first thing I read when I came back and thats what I did! It took some time to understand and assimilate everything but as I did.. It rose within me! Babe..Come back quick..Let work not sap your creativity!


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