January 13, 2009

What is Love?

What is love, I know not now,
Who can love you, when and how?
What I knew, that love was divine,
It would make me happy, feel so fine.

Is love only for your parents to give?
That love on which, you do live.
Does the love of a friend, mean nothing at all?
Isn’t that love there, when you climb and when you fall?

Is love only, your special one’s treasure?
That love, which always gives you pleasure.
Isn’t love meant, for a friend too?
That love and friendship, does it mean nothing to you?

Is love only, a sibling’s right?
That love, which makes you smile after a fight.
Isn't in friendship, a great love born?
That love is forever, how can you scorn?

When you make a mistake, that love is there,
That love makes you smile, when you’re in despair,
To celebrate, when you have reached a high,
To make you dream more, aim farther to fly.

That love is true, never shall it die,
A friend is most special, they always stand by,
A friend’s love, is to me more cherished,
Even after death,remains not perished.

Don’t ever tell me again, that a friend cannot love,
If you do, I shall burn those damn words to dust,
They hurt me, more than needles in my soul,
Rather than that, hit me hard if you must.

*father and son by mudwrestler   *lovers by angelicek
*sisters to brothers by nush74   *true friendship by kimcats
all from deviantart

My contribution to the Loving Lounge that we have nowadays!! Again, it is an old poem!


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  2. yes leo love comes in our lives in different forms...our parents nurtutr us with love, our siblings trust us with love, and v grow up frnds with love....so its not just the special one's love...its all brought up together...cuz u miss any of these forms of love...u miss a lot...

  3. I love you, Leo! ;)

    Just had to say that! Love is limitless and boundary-less as i have said before. Confine it and it will rebel. Love is just simple!

  4. a loving post !!! no wonder i love all you ppl here as much as this blog :) !!

  5. right back at u rashi :D

    glad u liked it! :)

  6. thanks prats! we love u too! :)

  7. @Leo: so many feeling,, and so much love...there is so much of love around us that we overlook..
    it was an eye-opening post...
    thank you so much for writing this..

  8. thanks for reading this orchid :)

  9. u have showed different forms of love and that too very beautifully


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