January 13, 2009

All I ever Wanted

All I ever wanted was to be loved,
Beauty was far away from my mirror,
Darkness was my roomate at night,
My wrinkles express a victory i never won,
And my body reminds me of my exaustion...

The sun wont rise on my deck anymore,
And my empty house brings no memories,
There will be no flowers growing,
My name is covered with shame.

The judges will execute the sentence,
And no lawyer will defend my cause,
My faith left my soul,
My heart is too weak to beat.

All I ever wanted was to have more time,
To fill my soul with hope,
To fight against the enemy in the battle field,
And to see a flower a flower growing on my deck again,
Thats all i ever wanted....


  1. Good one.. All I wanted was to read more and more...


  2. I did not get the context completely .. but loved the serene imaging you have done ...

  3. its hurting to know that are small wishes (which were special to us in ways more than one) never came true..
    good work tweety..

  4. @randeep

    thanks...welll yes we can never read enough...

  5. @prats

    the context was basically to tell us abt the basic, simple and like kajal said yet very important needs we want...and one of them was serenity and calm...

  6. nicely penned...

    n even i had trouble at first grasping the context...

    then i saw orchid's comment n your reply! :)


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