January 17, 2009


She came to lounge, quite alone,
She had with her, a broken bone,
She is Shweta, a friend and a sweety,
She became the lounge’s darling tweety.

With her poems, she did inspire,
With broken bone also, she did not tire,
Wish that soon, she feels a lot better,
From me her friend, this poetic letter.

With her poems, let she make us smile,
Let she get better with words, all the while,
For sure she will be, never alone in pain,
She’s got many a pal here, to make her laugh again.

P.S. Guys i was dedicated this poem by a darling friend in the lounge...and i thankyou for this dear....any guesses who was this??? I await your answer.


  1. well deserved dedication.. but who is behind the lines.. i am curious tweets.. :D i am happy that the name i gave you "tweety" is the title of this poetry.... :D

  2. kajal thats somethingg u ll have to guess....give a name n i ll tell u if u r right or not...

  3. bet its LEO !! but whoever it be, its a worthy dedication :)

  4. i am bad at guessing

    letme try prats..??

    and are there prizes for guessing?

  5. yea. i was wondering pretty-me too!

  6. i too bet its leo....

    whoever it was... very cute poem.. :)



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