January 17, 2009

Magic Reflections...

I have a mirror, I always use,
It only shows me what is true,
It never makes me feel lonely,
It comforts me when I feel blue.

It tells me who I am in this world,
It tells me I am the best there is,
It asks me, why I feel sad for myself,
It does show me heavenly bliss.

I always look in it, when I feel lost,
When I feel as if I’m a nothing,
I always look in it, when I question myself,
Is this life of mine worth living?

When I feel like I’m worthless,
It shows me that I’m one of a kind,
It tells me, that I am very priceless,
That if I can’t see that I’m blind

Every time I just feel sad,
I turn to my side and see,
So many friends, by my side,
Ready to make me feel happy

In their eyes, I see my reflection,
I see myself as the best I can be,
I realize there is still life in me.

For eyes, they reflect the soul,
They show that joy inside me,
Gives me joy that no one can see,
They tell me, no one else can be me.

I seem to be the one for replies this year. Tweety requested a reply from me to Lover's poem . This is it.
Tweety, I changed it a bit from my first draft. I think I made it better.
Lover, hope you like it too.

Pic: Reflection, by Jimbosbaby.


  1. "No one else can be me"... this was too good thought... wish we all realized it and beleived it too :)

  2. Can brilliance be bettered? Supposedly yes! You better yourself every single time!!

  3. @Leo: lo! the benchmark goes higher still...:D

  4. nice one leo!
    its really commendable how u can come up with apt replies like these..and that too beautifully

  5. rashi, thats a big compliment... thank you! :)

  6. aparna, thank you...! :)

  7. pink,
    don't kid me dahling! it didn't go that much higher! :P :D

  8. @Leo: if self critique Vinay is talking to main chup rahungi.. :P

  9. the first few stanzas of your poem reminded me of my old post, please read: Suicide.



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