January 17, 2009

Names and nick names ;) - Ste

ok ,prat wrote this few days ago. Read her part
Nicknames !! We all have !! And another thing common with nick names is the story behind each...

stephen : my official name as per my birth certificate

stibu: thats wht family knows me as

stibu mama : thats wht my nephews and Parul call me

Steve:chandan and few frnds address me by this name

Stevo: chandans found

Steph: yahoo chat friends invention of my name

Stephy:Akshi and orkut friends call me by this name

Ste:Lounge friends call me...thanks Asbah

TSW: as per my blog

The Story King : omg!!!! thats an honour..Swet tweety scrapped me once on my orkut saying that i am a story king :p hehe

so what you gonna call me ;)


  1. m gonna call you Sher Puttar.. :P

  2. The bald old man doing his MBA?? :P

  3. hey what do the terna prof's call u by ... :D :D ???

  4. delightful :D

    btw you forgot the prince Stephen and His Stephnie ;)

    yes, I love the ste thing in your name..me got a good 10 nicks too :P later sometime... ;)

  5. asbah

    how cud i forget prince ste and his girlfrnd stephnie


    after all u guys created naa

  6. steph, i am going to call u "ste anna" :D

  7. stibu mama.....hehe

    yenna da stibu mama... ;)


  8. hahaha dont make me feel old leo

    am still younger to u dude


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