January 27, 2009

Thy Smile inspires me......

She will twine you around her fingers,
She is like a little bud,which would bloom one day,
Her cherubic face will turn you dotty,
And sometimes she will make you naughty.

Little she is,but teaches us great life lessons,
She smiles back whenever you look at her,
For she means,
Life is short,
Learn to smile at every instance of your life,
For smile doesn't needs money,
Smile and lets smile is what she says.

She is a little magician,
who mesmerises you through her seraphic smile.
She is nothing less than a saint,
her angelic face says the rest

She sleeps on her craddle,
Like the stillness of a lake.
For she means,
Life is a stack of sorrows,
At times you get hurt and you get vexed,
To stay calm is what she says.

Often she turns into a grumbler,
She weeps to meet all her needs,
For she means,
Life is an enigma,
Sometimes your hardwork may fall in pit,
To get ahead in life is best ,is what she says.

She is naughty at times,
She wants to make you happy ,
Through her sweet gestures and actions.
For she means,
Life is a game,
It teaches how to overcome failures,
Support others during their grief is what she says.

Little she is,but teaches us great life lessons,
Cherish every moment of life, without inducing sorrows,
For she is a young magician ,
Who inspires people through her heavenly smile.

Some one is learning to type.:)

word count = 243


  1. awww...

    I <3 Ketu!!

    She is so adorable... A little more adorable than your poem.. There is such love and such adoration in it! Preserve it and give this to her on her 18th bday! She'll love you for it! :D

  2. after what Rashi has said , i have nothing more to say except the poetry is a beauty and ketu rocks.. :)

    I second Rashi in what she said.. :)

  3. Wonderful dost ... this shows your love for the little one ... your nice, right?

    Keep writing ... loved it :)

  4. lol...that's a cute li'l poem ....
    Adorable is the word mann ...

  5. its such a nice poem steph...

    nice to see her inspiring you, she is just so adorable...! :)

    well written dude..! cute li'l poem abt a cute li'l baby!

  6. well, the must just blows you away with her smile .. what more to say of the poem ;)

  7. thanks a lot prats and leo

    all others who have commented here...

    thanks a lot guys :)


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