January 27, 2009

Encumbrance of a curtailed friendship...

This one was composed way back...while i was in my school ....for my one of my best friends,Tanvi.!!
Friendship, indeed is the BEST inspiration for life.

"It's sad to see your dreams meeting a miserable end,
,specially those related to your Bestest friend,,
when the heaven resembles close to hell,,
despite all my strenuous efforts to tell,,
wanting you to recognise my true sincerity,,
that which you mistakened to be my impropriety,,
it's hard to see the two of us with anyone else,
not with each other,but amidst everyone else,,
but,was this the only way to make each other incalculably sad..?
do we acknowledge our faults as so immaculately bad,,
Regardless of all our efforts n' imploring deeds,,
and all our pending bashes n' treats,,
regardless of all those moments that we wished to spend,
those that we regrettably never got to spend,,
despite, all the sufferings that we've faced,,
so intense,that would nevar wished to be retraced,,
regardless of all those feelings taht could never be unfolded,,
despite all those tears that we've been shedding for each other,,
and all those cards that had never been regrettably given,,
and all our mistakes,,which i know,,would never be forgiven,,
I still hope,,that an exquisite moment would come some day,,
which would shine through the divine ray,,
when we'll actually realise the depth of of our Friendship,,
and would blissfully revitalize our relationship..!!!

And it really really Did Happen.....!!!!!


  1. it is so very beautiful mohita..
    reminds me of some of my school days.. :)

  2. aw! best buddy fights... wish I had been creative like you back then... really sweet piece...

  3. you said right .. friends inspire more than we ever realize !!

  4. @ The pink orchid,aZoed, Pretty me!!



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