January 14, 2009

Thanks Friend...

You stood by me when I was alone,
When the world shunned me,
You gave me your unconditional love,
Your presence in my life was the beauty of a dove...
You din't think of the tears i gave you,
But were always there to wipe my eyes,
You gave me the courage to strive in dark,
As if it was just a stroll in park...

You became my strength when i was weak,
You said the words I could always depend on,
When I was blind,
You came and opened up my eyes....
Everytime I have fallen down,
You have always been around to lift me up again,
In the journey of life you have been my guiding star,
Today, I can only thank you for coming with me so far....!!!!

P.S. This is in gratitude to Leo's post here

I would also like to thank all my friends who have been with me thick and thin. God Bless You all!!!


  1. Reminded me of

    "Aint no mountain high enough,
    Aint no river wide enough,
    To keep me from waiting for you darling."

    I love that song...

    I like this happy poems..Celebrating what we have rather than what we dont!

  2. @rashi

    hmmm yup i love happy poems too...though sadly i hardly come up with these...nywys i am glad u liked it...

    n btw which song is this...

  3. Its the song from Stepmom the movie...Listen to it ...Me loves it!

  4. cool !!! i love frndship poems .. no words can describe the happy feelings :D

  5. well...u wanted simple comment that doesn't leave u stunned na!

    ok...ur wish! :D

    its a pleasure being ur friend..! :) your words are just "wow"...

    well penned tweets! :)

  6. @prats

    true dear...no one can really define that...glad u liked it...

  7. @leo

    thanks a lot for sticking to the rules...or i would have been agin in loss of words..to tell u vat...and plesure all mine sir....thanks i am glad u liked it...


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