January 14, 2009

Never... A Reply...

i will say i love you,
i will indeed hold your hand,
never will i break your heart,
thats where our friendship stands.

i will say it with feeling,
i will say it because i care,
i will look into your eyes,
and with you my heart i'll share.

if i say i am going to,
i will fulfil it very soon,
i dont believe in lying friend,
your friendship is to me a boon.

i will not lie to you, friend,
i say only what i do mean,
if i shall enter your life,
i will steal your heart unseen.

if i am indeed your friend,
i'll try never to make you cry,
i want to see that smile always,
from now until i die.

i will not go from your heart,
even if you throw me out,
i shall be there, a stone's throw away,
you want me, you just shout.

i want to be friends with you,
so now i say to you, hi,
if our friendship does like flower bloom,
i dont think i shall ever say goodbye.

a reply to the post by shweta here .


  1. as i said before .. this is the best any friend can say or expect to hear:)

  2. @Leo: awwweeeee... i am thankful that i came across you.. you hv a heart of gold..

  3. i am amazed at ur skills....hw do u do this man....and i agree with kajal that u really do have a heart to gold...ur presence in the lounge and in our lives is a gift..love u for this...thanks once again...

  4. Wah Leo... One post and so many girls swooning over you ;)

    Hehe! I still maintain what I said earlier..I love this post! This is so endearing!

  5. @ Aparna...

    Hmm Leo IS a boy.. ;)

  6. so i thanked u enough here also and by my another post....

  7. heart of gold kajal?? thank u :)

  8. thanks shwe...! i do my best! :)

  9. :) aparna... maybe soon someone will! :)

  10. rashi, thanks for the backup! :P

  11. ya i saw...thanks shwe..! :)


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