January 14, 2009


WHY did I have to believe the truth?
WHY was I made to bear it's fruit?
WHY was there no one to reach out to me?
WHY didn't anyone call my name and save me?
WHY was there darkness even during the morning?
WHY have I lost the spark of that beautiful feeling?
WHY are all the things falling apart?
WHY can't I hold on to my bruised heart?
WHY didn't you meet me before the dawn?
WHY did you separate before now on?
WHY was I being an angel all this while?
WHY was I forced to make my love sterile?
WHY did I ignore the way you lied?
WHY didn't you hold me before I died?


  1. hey shruti!

    nice post

    sweet and short ..but holds a lot of meaning

    why did you have to be so good at this poem?

  2. Some whys have no answers I was told just yday! Rather I was told, " I dont HAVE to answer all your whys.."

    Rude naa?

    Dont keep asking why. Some things just are. Some people just are. Im learning that the hard way. Unfortunately. The more you ask, the more hurt you'll feel!

    Or ask but dont expect answers!

  3. i agree with rashi
    some questions are avoided and some just cant be answered....and maybe v are just betr off widout those answers...

  4. @Shruthi: when we go through a tough time we always have questions... mostly have got something to do with expectations...unfulfilled expectations hurt.. undoubtedly...

  5. ahh a few set of questions...only some one cud answr

  6. These are SOME damn serious questions you asked !!

  7. thanks everyone..was very confused so laid down a few questions for no one to answer..


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