January 3, 2009

A Silhouette

I wrote this one for my dear dear friend Priyanka.(not the one on this blog)

A Silhouette

I saw a silhouette,
A silhouette, so perfect,
With a neat outline,
Looking so fine.

I switched on the lights this time,
Just to find it was you,
It was you but not alone,
Carrying a basket of fresh flowers.

You gave the basket to me,
Told me to look after it, tenderly,
I have taken care, till this day,
As i promised, the flowers would stay.

And now that you plan to leave,
I know the feeling is not so pure,
I know you'll miss me and I'll too,
This one thing will be for sure.

I wont tell you not to go,
But this much i will tell you,
You have taken care of me,
and because of this i care for you!


  1. no words can be apt for an ode to friendship ... even after writing numerous poems myself fr my friends, each new poem i read makes me aware of how blessed i am ... and this poem was so much more .... :)

  2. nice poem! rightly said prats!! n if u hav a frnd named priyanka...den u know dat u r all d more blessed!! hehehe :P

  3. @ Pretty me: you are so true! :)
    @ Priyanka: I know i am blessed! And even you are. All the people having friends are blessed! :)

  4. may u both have a long lasting friendship andy...


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