January 3, 2009

When I look at the rain...-II

[Read here for the first part]

I just found out that he was headed back, back to where I was, waiting for him... He was coming back after yeeears, and I would be meeting him,he'd said he wanted to see me. Oh, gtalk is a boon...

He is coming, coming for me! Oh, I would want to hug him as soon as I see him... 

But what will I say to him? Tell him everything about it? What if there's someone in his life? And most importantly, do I still love him the way I used to? 

God, I need some answers...

[Bashes herself] 
hey! God's not in love, you are... ask yourself gal!!!


  1. a nice way to put the confused feelings :) nice !!

  2. jst noticed its 55 fiction ! cool !!

  3. @pretty me
    No I'm sorry I don't know what '55' fiction is... I must've taken an existing label!!!

  4. hey!!
    read the first part on ur blog and I felt it wasn't fiction. Guess I was wrong!!
    Waiting for him to return back, I mean the next part.

  5. haha wah wah wah!
    really liked it :D

  6. @Saket
    Thanks... the next part is up and running... :)

    Thank you thank you :)


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