January 16, 2009

Arms Wide Open

When the fruits of my repentance,
Are ripened well by time,
When all my faults and errors
Are tested and retried,
I’ll hold my arms wide open,
Welcoming your stride

When all the drops of water
Have dried up from the seas,
With all my sins forgiven,
I’ll do just the things I please,
I’ll hold my arms wide open,
In honor of your pleas!

When love has once more blossomed
In your heart for me,
Your blindness will have lessened
Enough for you to see,
I’ll hold my arms wide open,
For you’ll come back to me.
pic credit : Google


  1. some strong emotions reavealed sid..

  2. u cant be more deep bro..! :D

  3. liked the second verse best of all... nice imagery..! :)

  4. Wonderful work, ma frnd! Emotions run strong lik an undertow in a river! Luvd dis one! :)

  5. Yes, pink orchid.
    Thats how i felt when i wrote it.
    Thanks for reading

  6. Thanks leo.
    Yes. Deep it indeed goes.
    And yea. 2nd stanza was quite my imagination.

  7. @Riversoul: i am a big fan of your art work, but your poetry is also gonna be kep beside your art. too good!


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