January 16, 2009

Let me, O Rebel!

Shattered dreams all around,
The walls broken, ruins of fate,
Yet I see you standing tall,
Ready to once again collate
the fragmented desires.

Dreamer you are,
Thinker too,
Staring at the dark sky,I think of
The early days with you.

Horizon that is bruised, battered
Memories that are just flashes
Of kin and the fray
Seem like on the path are splashes.
Oh! the sruggle you had to endure.

Let me be your strength
Let me nurse you to health
Dont keep me at length. 
Rebel you are, Maverick too!

Betrayed by destiny,
I wont betray you.
Jolted back to reality,
I'm there too.
Trust me just this once.

Refuse to concede defeat
You want to rise.
Let me be the phoenix
Soothing with my cries.

Believe with yourself.
Believe in me.
Betray you I will not
Listen to my plea.
O Rebel, O Maverick!

( PS: The tears of the pheonix are supposed to heal wounds.. 
This is my reply (of sorts) to Maverick's poem here )


  1. Let me be the phoenix
    Soothing with my cries.

    beautiful metaphors :)

  2. rashi is on a replying spree..yippee! :)

    nicely penned dear..! :)

  3. wonderful write, Rashi! If evr I had expected a response to my poem, it couldnt hav been better dan dis one! Kudos to u!

    For long I have been in search,
    Of Someone to heal my wounds,
    To help me to my feet,
    To regain lost ground!

    In you I hope to find,
    That twin soul of mine,
    In need Ill always be,
    Of you, everywhere I see!

    :)! Hope dis aptly conveys my response!

  4. Kewl twist in da end, abt da HP part! Pheonix's tears! luvd dat one! :)

  5. @Rashi V: I have run out of compliments Rashi .. i am gonna be training myself for words that help me compliment you.. as of now...
    lovely poem!!

  6. @ Prats

    Me *BLUSH*

    @ Leo

    You thought you were the only one??? :P Aptly said you have competition darling! :)

    @ Maverick

    Thanks..It means a lot that you liked my reply and didnt think it as blasphemous?

    @ Kajal

    You making me smile..You making blush! :)

  7. wondefully written rashi
    and maverick has a reply to u

  8. rashi i second kajal...vat a poem...i dnt have words to apprecaite them...as they all seem so tiny in front of ur words....n guys i am joining the line...i will do the continution part but nt the reply...u guys go ahead with that :P kudos gal amazing...


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