January 10, 2009


Rashi's post started with the guy saying -

"Stars, I want,
The moon, I want.
Rebel, I am,
The unthinkable, I want."

Here is my respone from the girl -

"i will be your star,
hope you see me shine..
I will be your moon,
filling you with light..
Rebel am not,but will be,
if i dont get YOU in my life!!


  1. Read that, read this too .. and I was ready with my comment, and the REBEL inside me told me that I should post it separately ... check my above post ... The Rebel talked there ...

    Consider the above as a mere comment on your post!!

  2. o wow it was a good reply...pretty changed the whole meaning..she has answered the previous poem in a good way..
    seems like someone was willing to love the rebel just that she didn't hold courage to express!!

  3. While Rashi was straight... ur reply was more the 'sweet' kind...
    Loved both though...


  4. lol..! lovin this series...! :)

  5. Wah! I feel honoured to have received this as the continuation.. You do understand me well.. Im just a little overwhelmed... You end up saying things I imply but cant say in so many words :)

    But for love,I wont fight. Rebel I wont be!

  6. @Tan,,, awesome reply dude... though i havent read it .. for me, the best reply is when some one can extend it ... :)

  7. @Navin : I guess thats your name,thanks for the read and the comment ... i love to imagine different angle to a situation ... love to see some good response :D

  8. ahh now diff persp from the girl haan
    written by a diff girl....

    offcourse rash ...u must realy be honoured ....gonna read the rebels reply

    and pls check the kiss post written few months ago

  9. you see Arjun, M so sweet to my heroines ,,,, ;) !! well m not really happy to them,,, i do write a lot of sad verses,... but this one time, i wanted to write a rightful one :D

  10. Me too loving it Leo !!

  11. M glad you liked my atempt Raash !! thanksie Ste for the ever nice support :)


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