January 9, 2009

The rebel and his muse!

"Stars, I want,
  The moon, I want.
  Rebel, I am,
  The unthinkable, I want."

"For you, stars, I want,
  For you, the moon I want.
  By you, I shall stand
  But the unthinkable, I am not.
  Rebel you are, simple I am.
  Challenge to you, I pose not.
  Hence it is me that you want not. "


  1. Strong, quick and effective... like an arrow.

    Amazing composition..what else to say right now!!

  2. i agree with the silent soul... it definitely is like an arrow that too bang on the bull's eye..

  3. hey really effective simple and as said earlier like arrow

    i personally like such short and effective poems

  4. Good One ... I liked it too much ...

    Well, what I want for myself, I want for you too; but do not accept me, since you think I pose some kind of challage to you, to your ego?

    I'm no competitor of yours ... I'm not standing against you anyways ...

    But if you still think me like you do now, bye my friend ... May you live in peace!!

    hahahaha ... nice na ... Well, this is what I understood!

  5. well i understood that, He The Rebel is looking for the complicated. why is he not willing to ask her out? she will say yes, she will bring with her, the stars, the moon and the joy uncompareable!

    I pity the rebel.

  6. Well, I agree with Asbah ...

    However Asbah, please forget that Rashi wrote it - for once ;)

    Now, you read it ... He and She are not appropriate exactly ... Its more of I and You ... If the same words would have been crafted by me, your 'she' would have been 'he' and vise versa ...

    lol .. I am not very clear if I could convey the message ... am I?

  7. i really loved the verse.. but i will like to quote it a different way .. let me try to write mine :)

  8. hehe.. That was awesome... ;)
    Enjoyed it.. :)


  9. rashi, u started a poetry series!! nice!!

  10. @ Tan, yeah but being a girl, Asbah identifies it with me better naa? For her, I is better as she naa?

    @ Leo, I know I know and me proud!!!

  11. is he eternal rebel :p kidding :p

    nice and good to see tan and prats continuing it...waah just like me,asbo and sandeep did on lovers kiss

  12. Ste Shut up! No allegations please! Dont comment on the person who is present here.. Its unfair naa?

    And no, it isnt.!

  13. And who is that person? I want to know .. am I allowed to? I mean, did I miss something??

    I did not understand the above two comments guys ...

  14. No he just knows something he should know or say! He knows where the inspiration for the title lies!


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