January 10, 2009

The Rebel talks here ...

In continuation with
  1. The rebel and his muse!
  2. Rebel…
I hope I understand you two (Rashi and Pretty) ... well, different perspectives ... I like this too much ... Now somebody should speak for the poor (!!! I'm sure he is not, but still) boy...

"Stars I want,
The Moon, I want,
Rebel, I am,
The unthinkable, I want."

The Boy continues ...

... ... ...

You are my Moon,
I would tell you soon
How important are you to me.

The stars will glow,
As they will know
How much I love thee.

Rebel, I am
And I pride on the same,
I want to change the world for you.

You are unthinkable
And I'm so humble
Just think how much we can do!

We will be happy this way
Don’t go, please stay,
Let’s make the world our own.

Come with me
Where you want to be,
The world will be vacant alone.

Not Cross Posted anywhere ... let me know Rashi, Pretty me and all of you, if this can be a probable thought in the Boy's mind ... hoping to get your responses over the weekend ...


  1. well well this is becoming a series now..god one tan!!
    gr8 writing skills you got nice rhythmic poem it is following a good pattern

  2. Hey Thanks Naveen ...

    I Just Love this kind of writing ... rythm, ryme and touch of Old English ...

    Thanks for reading my poem ...

  3. Aww!!... This was nice..

    "Rebel, I am
    And I pride on the same,
    I want to change the world for you.
    Liked this line the most....


  4. rebel poetry series?? cool..!! lemme see if i can continue with it! :D

  5. Wow! What else could I have asked for on a lazy Saturday morning. I feel so nice to have started something like this :) :P

    Tan, If and just if the rebel would have said this, the muse would have never ever left. Just IF! :)

  6. wht else do u need tan.....they both painted the girls thoughts and now rebels reply .....nice dude.....am happy for this thing

    u 3 remind me of me,asbo and sandeep coz we 3 scribbled on lovers post called kiss,the similar way and made a mess of it :p

  7. too good TAN !! as i said before, if some write can inspire another write, its a worthy one :) Well said ,, i really wanted some one to echo the guy's thougts...

  8. wow...nice series ..let's see where this goes

    would love to post the girl's response but i am not so good at poetry

    well done!

  9. Thanks Aparna, Pretty, Stephen, Arjun and Leo ... your comments mean a lot ...

    @ Rashi

    The Boy had thoughts to tell, just that he could not do so ... in time!

    I'm sad that She left ... would like to see her talk to Him and come back ... another happy ending?? I'm waiting ... the Rebel is waiting ...


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