January 10, 2009


Some clouds grey-white
saw me crying,
they lauded the sight,
and it has been raining
since last night.



  1. Why do always you have to cry
    When these clouds pass you by?
    The clouds too felt your pain,
    And that's why there is so much of Rain!!!

    Hehehehe ... good one Asbah! Keep it up ...

  2. hehe, maybe for all the reasons i am still unble to realize the fact that the contest is over :P

    thankyou :)

  3. Hey ya..

    Nice one asbah..! This is my first time exposure to this method of poetic expression of urselve....a few lines,,and the story is told in a bful manner....

    Nice 1 .... m impressd...! ;P

  4. loved the lines .. so sweet :)

  5. @Tan : nice lines ..

    @Asbah : u dnt have to cease writing on rain if u promise each post to be as sweet !!

  6. Thanks Pretty ...

    Thanks Asbah too ... I'm getting complements, because you wrote (or shall I say, you cried! - lol)

  7. nice one asbah!! :)

    a little tear from your eye,
    made the cloud start to cry,
    perhaps now if u smile,
    the sun will laugh and start to shine!! :)

  8. Oh wow... tat was nice.. :)


  9. We are such amazing people out here that for each small little poetry some else composes we comment with another small little poetry. We are a group of people who have vowed (:P) not to comment only as "good post" or "Nice blog"> I'm tied of all that...

    Now, that Im done with that rant. I wish clouds would cry for me too. It would save me the trouble of explaining so much to my family. Mother Nature is a woman too who knows how we feel. She understands us like our mothers do. But we dont need to tell her a thing. She just knows. Hence, when you cried,she cried too :)

  10. 'don't cry don't cry,
    Clouds will pass so will the pain,
    In the end its hope and light,
    that will always remains....'

    hey asbah you right even i am not able to realise thats contest s over and also rain is such a wonderful inspiration too write for me

    well written short and sweet

  11. oh thers a bit correction in poem i guess it will be
    'don't cry don't cry,
    Clouds will pass so will the pain,
    In the end its hope and light,
    that will always remain....'

  12. yeah right people, we're so amazing arent we?

    I am not much of a poetess, honestly, i cant just keep on writing poems and cant rhyme them at all, once upon a time i used to, not now and its so great to see people replying in poems related to the orignal poem.

    Tan's reply to Rash's poem

    and his to mine..

    and jack's.. wow

    *i'm a happy girl* :D

  13. amazing guys.....am observing too much of poetic comments here haha :p


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