January 11, 2009

Once upon a time there was a queen

Gudhiya was very ecstatic yet her heart ached. Everyone congratulated her. They blessed her for her new life. The house was full of cheer and laughter. But her eyes kept on searching for someone. She hadn’t seen him since morning. She was vexed. Different thoughts came to her mind – had he taken his medicine, was he upset. She wanted to assure him everything will be fine. She elected to go up to his room. It was quite a probability he might be there. She got up from the chair meticulously to avoid spoiling her mehndi. It was still not dry. It was quite a task to reach up to his room with so many people in the house and she being the centre of attraction. She finally came to her destination but to her dismay he was not there. Sadness gripped her. Hours from now she would be leaving. She yearned to spend time with him. To again go through the memories she had lived with him. Her gaze fell on a photograph. It was memento of the time that had flown like a river. It was like reliving a dream. Suddenly some kids came bustling into the room. They were looking for their ball but woke her up from the dream. Disappointed she left the room. She was tired. She decided to go to her room. And she was surprised to see him there. He was looking at her empty closet that was lined with her clothes day before. She smiled. Maybe he was looking for yet another reason to scold her “Gudhiya why isn’t your cupboard clean? When will you learn to arrange your things?” He didn’t even realise his Gudhiya was in the room. She gently kept a hand on his shoulders. He looked back and she saw a tear twinkling down his cheeks. Like every father he had awaited this day but little he had expected it to happen so soon. It was just like yesterday he had held his little angel in his arms for the first time. She had just started to walk and had called him “papa”. He surely had his complaints with time. Just few minutes ago she had so much to talk to him about and now she lost words. All she could manage was “thanks dad”. But in heart of heart she knew she could never thank him enough. Could she ever return him those sleepless nights he spent when she had fever? He had loved his little baby. He had nurtured her with all the affection she could ever ask for. But soon she would be leaving him all alone in this big house. No longer would his house be filled with her childish innocent lark...There used to be a time when his day couldn’t culminate without her goodnight kiss...when she used to come to him with all her troubles....when once she ruled his house...once upon a time she was the queen....


  1. excellent....The way u ended it, was quite touching. And ....the best part of ur post,....
    the last pic....! ;P....

    Nice 1 ...keep posting.....

  2. i second silentsoul!! best part was the ending, esp. the pic!!

    nicely written!

  3. There used to be a time when his day couldn’t culminate without her goodnight kiss...when she used to come to him with all her troubles....when once she ruled his house...once upon a time she was the queen....

    Absolutely loved it!!

    very sweet and touching!


  4. While reading this post, Im also searching for a university to do my further studies. How is that connected? Well, it is going to take me away from my Baba! My safe shelter. I know I have to do this for myself and my future but I dont want to leave.

    As I read this, my dad is sitting across me giving me looks as if asking why did my smile suddenly fade. He just went into the kitchen and got me a piece of chocolate :D I dont know how he knew that I wanted to be his little girl again. I want to run away when problems come. When I get hurt, I want to go to him and ask him to kiss it away. I just want to be my daddy's little girl.

  5. @i me myself: already read it at your blog...and it brought me tears.. i will be gone in few years i am so gonna miss being by his side...

    @Rashi V: you are cute!! what you wrote as a comment can itself go as a post..ah! the little things in life!

  6. @rashi

    thanks a lot rashi...and who doesnt wish to be that little daddy''s girl again...if there evr b tym machine i would luv to go back to those days ven he i was that little toddler....n thanks for such a cute comment

  7. @pink orchard

    like i said before...if i was able to bring tears to ur eyes...then i can hope i could enumerate the feelings of a daughter as well as the father....

  8. @silent soul, leo, solitary writer

    thanks for appreciating...yes the pic is quite cute and matches well with the ending...

  9. @where thoughts are words

    i have just started with blogging n this was my first post at the writers lounge...thanks for appreciating my post

  10. you just took my breath away with this !! i hate to imagine my dad in this place ... sigh !!

  11. @PRATS

    thanks prats...all dads would hate to be in that place :(


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