January 11, 2009

The Rhyme Of Life

Life is full of ups and downs...and poetry can be the best way of fathoming its true meaning.

What is life, a poetry?
An ode to oneself,
one lives as he writes,
unaware of the hidden rhymes.

A poem that sounds worthy
due to the wonderful medley of feelings,
blended with the melodrama
of paradoxes and double meanings.

One begins a verse not knowing,
what he will write next!
Yet some new hint,
crops up to fill the text.

One can rule his destiny,
if he knows to steer his boat,
to the new realms of ideas
with eyes fixed on his goal.

But chasing the horizon of life
like a fool, he forgets the theme;
& wanders away like an unanchored soul,
into the dungeons of anonymity.

Now, it may be dark
But the dawn is not far away.
The tunnels of life may be long
But they surely open to a new day.

So, isn’t life a poem?
There is nothing right or wrong!
The end is not the end,
the begin is not the beginning....!


PS: My own blog is named after this poem i wrote... :)


- priyanka's


  1. you couldnt have describe the rhyme of life in a bettr way...great job...keep it up...

  2. @priyanka: life is indeed a poetry.. and you brought out the reality of it through these lines...
    awesome poetry girl..

  3. Priyanka, the Poetry Girl!!! There s a lot of meaning in those words....well written!!

  4. super poem of a poem called life!! well written priyanka! :)

  5. yes life is a poem...... brilliant yaar.....beautiful lines in btw...thoughtfull lines

  6. A very big Thanks to all of u...

    Coz this poem is really close to my heart...


  7. nicely written pri..

    prose is so easy to write but poetry comes naturally to a gifted few

    u r one of those lucky ones!.

    i tried to write poems but they never came as beautiful as this one of urs



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