January 17, 2009

A new morning...

Every morning is a new sunrise,
I bid goodbye to the moon and his stars,
The flowers are shining and the sun is bright,
The children are ready to fly their kites...

A new day, A new life,
I bid goodbye to all the lies,
That haunted me throughout the night,
There is nothing more peaceful than the new morning light...

The birds are singing,
My life is blossoming,
Love is in the air they say,
I flower the entry and pave its way,
I welcome love with open arms,
It is the rising morning charm...

The day is ending,
The sun is setting,
The orange rays leave with another hope,
Of rising tomorrow with another day,
With moist eyes in the night I lay,
For a new morning and a new day,
To shun my sorrows and light my way....

P.S. I am tooo bad at happy poems. So tell me if you guys don't like it.


  1. if this is your bad happy poem...
    then i'll need to find new words other than "brilliant, marvellous, great, lovely, picturesque, super, excellent, etc. " before you post your good happy poem...! :)

    i loved it, i did...! :) cant reply to u this time...! :D

    lovely shwe... i could imagine it very well! :)

  2. thanks leo...in my schl i used to be calld the sad poems queen so i am used to riting sad poems and they have an adv ovr the happy poems...i can always have ur wonderful replies to them...

    but i am glad u liked it..

  3. poems queen...? sorry shwe, but here u r one of the princesses...! :)

    prats is the queen...! :D
    definitely u can write more happy poems too... waitin for it! :)

  4. hey tweety... this one is sooo good !! wsh i cud wake up to see the morning.. but your poem made up fr it ... wow!!

  5. I woke up and read this poem..THis made my day! Everytime I will a little down today..I will think about this!!:)


  6. Hey Shweta,
    Wonderful poem! likd it! I had written one on similar lines quite a while back! will post it here sumtime! :)

  7. This was more than nice Shwetha... I'm glad i read it... :)

    "There is nothing more peaceful than the new morning light..."

    Yes, i've felt that many a times...


  8. @leo

    ofcourse prats is the queen...i am just a little princess :P

    will trying writing more...

  9. @prats

    thanks a lot....i am glad u liked it....

  10. @rashi

    i am happy today for some reason i dnt knw...but i am just in a humerous mood....so i am glad to knw i made ur day...thats surely one heck of a compliment...

  11. @maverick

    thanks a lot...v surely wld like to c that...

  12. @ arjun

    yes but i felt this fr the first time....

    nywys thanks a lot fr the appreciation...

  13. u r gr8 with both tragic and happy poems

    at morning nature is at best and no wonder it inspired u to write a wonderful poem like this

  14. @ aparna

    thanks a lot dear...nothing compared o the morning beauty...i am glad u liked it.... :P

  15. very nice poem
    and i think everypoem comes directly from ur heart

  16. @Shwetha: heyyyyy the lines did picturise the morning.. i am reading it at night.. and i am waiting for the morning after reading this.. good going girl!

  17. not a bad poem actually, i dont know, i enjoyed your newer two most, so i will rate it low out of the three.

    and your piece was totally hilarious, I even read out to mom :)

    (my comments are totally my reactions to the write up, please dont take them as judgements or critic or whatever, and do not take it to your heart :)


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