January 17, 2009

The day dream

vijay is sleeping in the bed .....in the day time...with a blanket on ...because its winter season.

he is in his dreams and a smile came to his face ...it seems he is in a very good dream.

suddenly a voice breaks his sleep.

tanmay:- vijay...vijayyyyy....wake vijayyyyyyyyyyyy......

vijay:- hmmm....who is disturbing me....ohhhh...tanmay ...when u come.

tanmay:-15 minutes ago...and from last 14 minutes iam trying to awake u,why are u sleeping in day.u are very dormant person.

vijay:-iam not a dormant person...and u never know that in winter season sleep of day is more relaxing then the sleep of night.

tanmay:-hmmm....what u saw in day dream?it seems u saw a good dream as u looking very happy.

vijay:-ya tanmay i saw a very nice day dream....u and me both going to a restaurant and eat the food we want and in the end........

tanmay:-what what in the end....?????

vijay:- u awake me when waiter brings the bill.

tanmay:-so nothing to worry man ..in the end u pay the bill and we came up happy from the restaurant and then we eat icecream...

vijay:-i pay the bill....are u crazy why i should gave the bill.

tanmay:-lets go we had to go to the Ravi's house for playing cricket and this day dreams will never become the reality....if u talk about a dream that u saw in morning then i can think about it.

vijay:-lets go.

viajy,tanmay at ravis home.

ravi:-so again u late ...both of u are very lazy .

tanamy:-its not my fault its his fault ask him.

vijay:-lets start the game (he is still thinking about the day dream)

game starts and after tanmay bats he says:-now its impossible to beat me..no one from both of you can chase this runs.

vijay:-is the challange u are giving to us.

ravi:-if it is a challange then ......vijay will be ready to face the challange.

vijay:-why me?i never said iam ready...hey ravi dont say u kow iam not a good batsman as u ,u face the challange.

tanmay:-so now its challange to u vijay...if i win u will gave both of us a treat.

vijay:- and if i win ...i want to turn my day dream into reality..

ravi:-day dream whats this..u both doesnot told me about this.

tanmay:-ravi go and field will tell u after the match.

now its really difficult for vijay to win this game because tanmay is very fast bowler and its really hard to hit him.

(hey friends that is my first story iam writing ...we always heard that "morning dreams can turn into reality" but can day dreams turns the same.my story is about a boy vijay...who always sleep in day and specially winter season..he is a guy who has lot of dreams to fulfill in his life.currently he is in 10th class ...now see future episodes of the twists and turns in the life of this day dreamer.

hope that u all like this....if i did any mistake tell me.

and sorry for the grammar mistakes..iam not good at it.

waiting for reply.


  1. a decen effort .. could be better with grammar set right.. if you mail me on - pratibha.pari@gmail.com i can do the correction and help you...

  2. I'm waiting to read more..It seems like a promising series... I second Prats though :)

  3. @pretty me ya willl mail u..u check and then mail me again

  4. @Chirag
    It doesn't matter, you'll improve here in the lounge... And yes do mail it to Prats or anyone here, actually... everybody can help!

  5. @akansha
    i mailed it to pretty
    and one of my motive to join and write on blog in english is for improving my grammar and writting skills

  6. Nice beginning to the series...
    If u could improve on those grammatical issues it would be gr8...

    Please consider our suggestions in a positive and dont take offense.. We r all here to offer suggestions and help...

    I like ur attitude dude...

    Keep the series going..


  7. @arjun
    thanks arjun
    and dont worry i will never feel bad

    iam here to learn something
    so dont worry
    and if anyone of the member want to add their idea to this story tell me i try my best to add them

  8. this is the place to improve chirag

    i appreciate ur passion to write though u have some grammar issues

    the story concept was gr8 though

    keep it up chirag!

  9. @Chirag: everything has already been said and done about the story chirag.. work on the suggestions.. and mashallah soon you will rock the lounge with your stories..

  10. chirag...the story is great...we all learn in the lounge everyday and its gud u take it in a positve way...but i am loving the story...

  11. @orchid and I,me

    if it seems u all love my story definately the second part will be more interesting
    but i put it after 19 jan because i have my paper on 19jan...

  12. :) i just have tears in my eyes.

    Thankyou for sticking by people. I feel this is my extended family!

    Thankyou prats for offering help to chiragh.

    and chiragh, welcome :) and best of luck for paper, yes, we definitely want to read more of you.


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